Innovative Architecture: Micro-Spaces Using Smart Glass

By Gauzy
May 13, 2018
Category: ARTICLE

Compact environments are redefining innovative architecture and allowing individuals to live in their desired location. There are a few clever ways to divvy up micro-spaces, and smart glass is one of them. Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG®, or smart glass) presents endless benefits to residents, business owners and patients in private homes, offices, micro-apartments and mi... Continue reading

Tags: micro spaces micro apartments modern architecture compact homes shared spaces smart glass lcg smart glass boutique hotels

LCG® MOVE: The Versatility of Portable Privacy Partitions

By Gauzy
April 25, 2018
Category: ARTICLE

Smart glass has become an effective and ideal solution for privacy, sectioning, projection, and for sanitary and comfort benefits that create a spacious environment. Many of today's organizations have taken the steps to blend their setting with this innovative solution that leverages advanced interior design.

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Tags: privacy partition lcg move corporate smart glass hospitals sectioning presentations projection meetings lcg exhibitions presentations

LCG® Museum Applications

By Gauzy
April 09, 2018
Category: ARTICLE
The Versatility of LCG®

Today’s monumental, archaeological and art preservation sites are increasingly constructed with cutting-edge  innovation, protection and engagement with site visitors. With easy installation, switchable smart glass offers protection and discretion for monuments, historical objects, and art – when tinted, dimmed or opaque, along with versatility and capacity to tu... Continue reading

Tags: museums smart glass privacy technology innovation exhibition LC film applications

Smart Glass for Office Partitions

By Gauzy
March 15, 2018
Category: ARTICLE

Corporations in today's fast paced digital world need offices that support collaboration and independence without sacrificing sophisticated design. Glass has become the go-to material for office interiors – but why?

Glass partitions create a needed barrier and organization to a space, while supporting a transparent environment that encourages a certain connectedness between employ... Continue reading
Tags: Office Glass Interior Design Privacy Partition Smart Glass Switchable Glass Corporate LCG Projection Whiteboards HD rear projection surface

Switchable Privacy Glass for Hospital ICU

By Gauzy
March 01, 2018
Category: VIDEO

Gauzy's innovative smart glass solutions made of LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass) are used in hospitals around the world, offering sterility, privacy, reduced overhead & energy consumption. It's an ideal curtain replacement, partition, and it is great for windows and doors. Switchable privacy glass now complements hospitals prophylactic approach to sterility, offering excellent ROI for its multi... Continue reading

Tags: Hospitals ICU Interior Design Sterility Smart Glass Partition Privacy Partition Curtain Replacement Healthcare

Gauzy LCG®: How Does it Work?

By Gauzy
February 12, 2018
Category: ARTICLE

Gauzy’s Liquid Crystal Film allows the control of various forms of light when applied to transparent materials, such as glass or other substrates like polycarbonate or plexiglass.

Gauzy’s film is comprised of a PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) formula, that is sandwiched between two pieces of PET with ITO conductive coating. The... Continue reading

Tags: LCG liquid crystal technology smart glass switchable film nanotechnology film structure technology
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6 Ways to Use Smart Glass Windows for Retail Advertising

By Gauzy
January 30, 2018
Category: ARTICLE

Attracting today's sophisticated shoppers, while effectively marketing your retail brand with a competitive edge is challenging. Digital advertising has taken over the internet, and traditional brick and mortar stores are also looking for a way to transform their space, giving consumers a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment they consider a store window to when they walk in and purchase an... Continue reading

Tags: retail advertising projection active vizio projection film passive vizio projection film HD storefront interior design window display
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