Instantly transform glass and make spaces dynamic with Vela smart film

Developed by material science leaders Avery Dennison and Gauzy, this advanced smart film solution can be applied to the inside of almost any exterior window or interior partition allowing glass to turn on and off with the flip of a switch for:

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Dynamic Solution

Instantly transform glass for dynamic spaces with Vela smart films

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Full Integration

All in one box, both film and unique controller enable full compatibility and ability to add smart home features

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Certified Installers

Installed by a network of certified dealers

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Vela Dynamic Systems

Vela Privacy

Benefits and Applications of Vela Privacy:

  • Ideal for office environments, healthcare, hotels and private residences
  • Instant privacy or open atmosphere
  • Natural light in private mode
  • Replaces hard to clean curtains
  • Easy integration with smart systems
  • Flexible use of open-concept space
  • Whiteboard functionality and projection screen capability

Vela Display

Benefits and Applications of Vela Display:

  • Fully integrated solution
  • Storefront signage without blocking products
  • A sustainable solution that replaces signage requiring frequent replacement
  • Dynamic storefronts that increase foot traffic
  • Creates an engaging and creative in-store experience for customers
  • HD images with 178° viewing angles

The Avery Dennison Advantage

  • Full system turn-key solution by Avery Dennison
  • Installed by certified installer network
  • Retrofit upgrade to existing glass
  • Precut with busbars for fast installation
  • Technical support from training to project completion
  • Quality product and innovative solution from a trusted brand

Key Specifications

  • Scratch-resistant hard coating to ensure easy, scratch-free maintenance
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Multi-window control
  • Compatibility with media management software
  • Advanced controller for premium performance, power protection, and low energy consumption

Smart Film Composition

Vela Smart film is comprised of PDLC technology on conductive coated film developed by Gauzy, combined with a Pressure Sensitive wet or dry adhesive and Scratch Resistant Coating by Avery Dennison. This film is controlled by the Vela Gauzy Inside controller allowing the film to turn on and off instantly.

How Vela Smart Film Works

PDLC smart film technology actively switches states with electricity. The unique particles or molecules inside our films scatter or align as films are turned on and off, allowing light to pass through for opacity or transparency, and the switchable control of various forms of light (visible, IR, UV).


When off, particles are scattered creating opacity for privacy, shading, solar control, or projection.

Enhance spaces for function and design

Retrofitting glass with Vela smart film instantly upgrades interior designs and the overall functionality of glass across diverse industries

Vela Smart Film for Offices


Ideal for personal offices, executive suites, conference rooms, welcome areas, and mothers rooms


Ideal for guest rooms, suites, conference rooms, storefronts/restaurants and lobbies


Ideal for patient rooms, shared spaces, ICU/NICU, conference rooms and waiting areas

Vela Smart Film for Retail


Ideal for storefronts, in-store
dressing rooms, cashiers and storage

"We had Vela installed in our visitors center in a number of round viewing windows towards the production line. The experience that it creates for our visitors every day, and hearing them say 'woah, cool' means it is doing its job."

Certified Installers Nationwide

Vela Dynamic Systems for Privacy and Display are available through an extensive network of trained and certified installers.

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Vela Gauzy

Gauzy is a world leading developer and manufacturer of light control technologies including Liquid Crystal based films. Gauzy’s LC films are combined with Avery Dennison’s expertise in adhesive coatings to create VELA, Gauzy Inside.

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials (such as self-adhesive labels), apparel branding labels and tags, RFID inlays, and specialty medical products.


Questions and Answers

In the clear, or ON state, an electrical current is passed through a layer of film called PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal). The electrified state causes microscopic crystals to align along a number of parallel axes, thus allowing vision through the glass.

Smart film in its OFF state has a frosted or opaque appearance because the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) remain in a randomized configuration that refracts the light that enters the mixture.

Haze factor describes the amount of light scattered when light passes through a transparent sample. The lower the haze factor value, the higher the clarity of the sample, indicating fewer impurities.

Vela has a ultra low haze: avg. 2.5%. This is the best in the industry.

PDLC is an initialism for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal.

Switchable smart film can block 99% of all UV rays.

What type of application and where is the switchable film being installed (interior, exterior, wet application, etc)?
What is the size (width and length) for each of the pieces in the project?
What are the glass specifications required (polished edges, low iron, etc)?
What is the wiring location required for each panel?
Are you an architect, glazier, or end-user?
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