Product Manager

Gauzy is seeking a forward-thinking, tech oriented, and proactive product manager to join our company. As part of the marketing team, the product manager is responsible for managing the entire ecosystem of new and existing products. Reporting directly to the VP of Marketing, this position will work across various departments including R&D, operations, procurement, quality assurance, and sales. If you want to be part of an innovative company, creating even more innovative products, Gauzy is for you.

Job Location:

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Job Responsibilities:

Manage new product development from conception to commercialization, including:

    • Market research to identify potential products
    • Identifying product requirements and specifications in MRD’s
    • Setting pricing according to market and company strategy
    • Coordinating production timetables, materials sourcing, and packaging
    • Evaluating and testing versions before market introduction
    • Working with the entire marketing team to develop a marketing strategy that results in successful launch of new products across various channels and platforms
    • Educating the sales team and entire company about new products and how they should be presented

Manage existing products including the following:

  • Developing additional versions and planning future generations of existing products
  • Adjusting products based on performance and quality assurance system
  • Plans for growth objectives and ways to increase revenue and market share from current products
  • Solidify existing strategic products with external partners
  • Monitor the marketing strategies associated with existing products and continuously re-educate internal teams and partners on the USP’s of all products

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years of experience working directly on the development of turnkey/GA products
  • Experience with product development from the marketing vantage point – required
  • Must have experience working with physical packaged products
  • Extremely organized, attention to detail, diligent, and a relentless personality committed to perfectly executed goods
  • Confident and intuitive
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Hebrew

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