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Liquid Crystal is considered the fourth state of matter, sharing properties of both liquid and crystal phases.

Gauzy creates LCG® using PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) Films which include a unique UV curing formulation consisting of LC + Polymer+ Initiator + Micro-Spacer + UV Stabilizer. This combination enables high control of process parameters and control over crystal morphology in reduced periods of time.

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Our patented FLEX and MultiPlex LC Controllers employ unique waveforms, allowing premium optical performance and longevity of films

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In full operation, squarewaves allow maximum transparency and minimum haze, while also allowing a range of smooth gradual dimmed transparencies. When electrical supply is provided, the waveform rearranges the LC molecules according to the users demand, letting light pass through.

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When the electrical supply is off, the LC molecules align sporadically and scatter the light, causing the glass surface to appear opaque. With Gauzy's patened Flex or MultiPlex controller, one can gradually control the amount of light that scatters or passes through, giving maximum flexibility over the glass aperture.

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Continuous development and innovation is at the cornerstone of Gauzy's vision. We are constantly seeking to refine, advance, and create distruptive technology, which changes the way we interact with the world around us. We look forward to revealing exciting new products soon:

Bistable • Solar Active Control • Solar Passive control

New user interfaces • Advanced control systems

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