Vela For Healthcare

A modern and sterile solution for private moments and a healthier environment

Traditional fabric curtains collect germs that spread hospital-acquired diseases among patients, doctors, staff, and visitors, while being unattractive and old fashioned. Vela smart film allows staff to check on patients without entering a room while providing better sound isolation for privacy.

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Dynamic Privacy

Give patients privacy during intimate moments, and transparency for more light and quick check-ins by staff

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Eco Friendly

Reduce operating costs with greener options for lighting, heating, cooling, cleaning, and transparent displays

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Sterile & Clean

Replace fabric curtains that collect germs that spread to doctors and patients, and is easy to clean and highly sterile

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Doctor's office with smart glass off

Vela Smart Film Benefits for Healthcare

  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Eliminate fabric curtains that spread HAIs
  • Monitor patients without entering a room
  • Increase access to light for increased wellbeing
  • Create agile designs that can easily convert use of rooms

Vela Smart Film Applications for Healthcare

  • Private patient rooms
  • Dividers in shared patient rooms
  • Corridor facing rooms
  • ICU’s
  • Neonatal facilities
  • Corporate offices and conference rooms
  • Waiting areas
"Our new ICU ward features the most technologically advanced healthcare solutions. We wanted our partitions to be smart, too. Vela smart film has been a critical addition to our facility."

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Questions and Answers

Vela with Liquid Crystal makes a perfect privacy partition in patient rooms, ICU’s, operating galleries, and common areas, for full visibility or privacy when needed. PDLC blocks up to 99% of light, making it ideal for patient rooms or common areas when sunlight comes in, or ultrasound rooms that require privacy.

Vela can be installed into almost any partition style, including floor-to-ceiling and half-rise partitions. The glass is compatible with aluminum, wood, or metal frames, and should always be installed according to our installation guidelines.

Vela with tempered glass is strong for durability and safety. Traditional curtains collect germs that spread diseases, whereas Vela is easy to clean, keeping patients, staff, and visitors healthy.

The Vela product reflects IR light, therefore reducing temperatures inside a building by up to 15 degrees C, making cooling systems consume less energy. 10 sqm of our transparent displays systems consumes less than 1 LED bulb, making advertising more polite and ecofriendly.

Vela is cleaned just like any ordinary glass, with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

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