Vela For Hotels

Enhance your guests experience with a unique design upgrade to remember

Vela smart film provides a sophisticated and ‘smart’ interior design solution for privacy, flow of natural light, and the feeling of space that guests appreciate. Creating a dynamic experience in guest rooms and common areas, smart glass is a design upgrade for all size hotels that contributes to making a stay memorable. 

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High ROI

Boost advertising revenue in lobby or street front stores, and be more energy-efficient

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Optimize Space

Replace thick studded walls between bathrooms and common areas in guest rooms, where space is precious

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Dynamic Designs

Patterned blinds and custom shapes upgrade rooms and common spaces for unique interiors designs

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Easy To Clean

Eliminate fabric or electronic curtains that collect dust and are hard to clean, while compromising design

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Vela Smart Film Benefits for Hotels

  • Replace fabric curtains that are expensive, hard to clean, and create recurring costs
  • Optimize space in guests rooms with thin glass partitions
  • Creates a modern and memorable design upgrade travelers appreciate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Increase revenue in commercial spaces when pairing with projection for advertising

Vela Smart Film Applications for Hotels

  • Bathroom enclosures
  • Partitions between sleeping and common areas 
  • Lobbies 
  • Spas 
  • Gyms
  • Convention halls
  • Retail store fronts
  • Business centers
  • Glass elevators
  • Skylights and Atriums
"The switchable glass feature was a unique feature in our rooms as it fits into the contemporary and elegant design of our rooms and added a fun touch to our guests. The Vela team also displayed commitment, dedication, and professionalism during the installation and provided excellent after-care services"

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Questions and Answers

Glass with switchable film is ideal to make spaces open and airy, with instant privacy when needed. Vela smart film is perfect for bathroom enclosures, spas, conference areas, and as transparent displays in lobby or street-front stores for increased revenue. 

Vela smart film on partitions make them much slimmer than traditional studded walls, therefore saving precious space where it may be limited in guest rooms. Because glass partitions are easy to install and move, they allow common areas to be more modular.

Vela smart film uses low voltage and low power consumption. The product is driven by our patented controllers, which consume on average 3 Watt/sqm.

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