Podcast Studio with Smart Glass

Podcast Studio 239 Uncensored  was looking for a unique and cutting edge way to upgrade and optimize their space. The studio was retrofitted with four pieces of cut-to-fit white PDLC, allowing for on-demand transparency or opacity providing natural light in the large front windows and privacy for the two offices in the rear of the studio. Integrated with a large scale projection, the front windows become an engaging element of the space, creating a unique and easily customizable background for livestreams and broadcasts. The hidden wiring provides a sleek and modern finish while elevating the function and aesthetic of the space.

«We are very happy with our experience with Gauzy, and our dedicated account manager, Lana. On time and superb customer service. It’s a super feature of our podcast studio experience.Takes our studio to the next level!» – Tim Guerette , Co-Founder 239 Uncensored.

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