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smart glass enclosed home office

Smart Glass for Home Offices

Smart glass is a growing trend among the world’s leading architects and interior designers, in a variety of different spaces and environments. In this series of articles, we explore the countless different applications for smart glass. Last time, we explored how smart glass is being used in the retail sector and for in store advertising.

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smartglass hotel partition

Innovative Architecture: Micro-Spaces Using Smart Glass

Compact environments are redefining innovative architecture and allowing individuals to live in their desired location. There are a few clever ways to divvy up micro-spaces, and smart glass is one of them. Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG®, or smart glass) presents endless benefits to residents, business owners and patients in private homes, offices, micro-apartments and micro-hospitals. Compact spaces can

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lcg partition office

Smart Glass for Office Partitions

Corporations in today’s fast-paced digital world need offices that support collaboration and independence without sacrificing sophisticated design. Glass has become the go-to material for office interiors – but why?\r\n \r\n Glass partitions create a needed barrier and organization to a space, while supporting a transparent environment that encourages a certain connectedness between employees. \r\n Glass

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