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Gauzy allows smart glass to meet its full potential

LCG® (light control glass) technology developed by Gauzy allows glass to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand for privacy, custom shading, solar control, and transparent displays in the spaces where you spend your time most.
Simply put: we make your glass do more. 

dynamic privacy icon

Privacy & transparency

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custom shading

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energy Control

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transparent displays

our science, your space

spd windshield


Ride in comfort with privacy and temperature controlled interiors  

smartglass storefront


Use storefronts to communicate with clients without blocking merchandise 

smartglass office partition on


Dynamic glass partitions for agile work spaces and office layouts

smartglass home partition


Make homes even smarter with LCG® smart glass 

switchable glass in hotel


Optimize space with a high-tech design that guests will talk about

smart glass hospital partition


Preserve private moments in a sterile environment 

our products

Our technology supports the next generation of evolved glass for what we need most today: solar and temperature control in our changing environment, privacy when our lives are so public, and distributing messages to fulfill our need for constant communication.

Gauzy LC Technology

Indoor and outdoor grade LC products support full transparency and opacity for solar reflection, HD projection, and dynamic privacy in diverse industries

gauzy SPD

Gauzy SPD blocks 99% of light for energy control in automotive and architectural applications, allowing windows to be shaded without blocking views to the outside.

The gauzy way

From conception to commerci