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Replace traditional mirrors in buses and trucks with fully integrated high definition exterior cameras and interior cab displays, expanding visibility to and improving the driver experience for safer vehicle operation.​

Smart-Vision combines state of the art hardware and superior image quality allowing operators to drive with confidence as blind spots are mitigated, fatigue from eye strain is reduced, and maneuvering and overtaking is made easy and stress free in shifting weather and lighting conditions.

Tried & Tested

  • Fully homologated as per UNECE standards
  • 10,500+ vehicles equipped
  • 51 bus and truck OEMs who have chosen our solution
  • 100 operators enjoying our CMS
  • 200 types of vehicles homologated
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Camera replacing mirrors on vehicle exterior

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High Definition Interior Displays

Smart-Vision CMS Features

  • High image quality in extreme weather/lighting conditions (e.g. fog, rain, night & tunneling)
  • Wider field of view than regulations
  • Automatic screen brightness adjustment, no glare
  • Maneuvering and guiding aid
  • Class 2 & 4 as a base. Class 5, 6 and A pillar view as premium options
  • Real time depiction of actual circumstances
  • Aerodynamic design

Smart-Vision CMS Benefits

  • Optimize visibility
  • Reduce blind spots
  • Reduce driver fatigue associated with eye strain
  • Enhance driving comfort and confidence
  • Part of a “zero accident” approach
  • High ROI: reduced energy and fuel consumption, low maintenance costs, optimized vehicle uptime
  • Reduce environmental impact

Smart-Vision provides extended visibility exceeding UN regulation, enabling blind spot mitigation in multiple classes ​

Smart-Vision is the first of its kind, able to be retrofit to existing fleets or offered as original equipment to OEMS ​

Smart-Vision is customized to meet the specific requirements of key commercial vehicle types ​

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Truck Specifications ​

Smart-Vision for trucks has been uniquely designed to meet the specific driver needs of heavy goods vehicles and urban trucks. Enhanced features include:

  • Camera automatically or manually calibrates to truck’s trailer dimensions
  • A camera arm that adapts to meet cabin and trailer dimensions
  • Screen size meets truck specifications of up to 15”
  • Compliance with current and future security regulations for blind spot and moving off systems
  • Maneuver mode with zoom and field of vision adaption for easier docking
  • Aids for rear maneuvering, overtaking, and insertion
safety tech adas bus

Bus & Coach Specifications ​

Smart-Vision for buses and coaches is currently used by more than 100 operators in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. It is optimized to meet the most important needs for bus drivers with:

  • Cameras cover Classes 2/4, 2/5, 5/6, & BSIS ​
  • Waterproof camera module​ (IP69)
  • Patented camera heating and cleaning system​
  • Customizable wing design, cover and fixing parts designed by Safety Tech or customer​
  • Enhanced night vision capabilities for improved visibility in low-light conditions
  • Real-time alerts for lane departure, pedestrian detection, and forward collision avoidance

Our Expertise at your Service

Our customer support services are available locally through our teams and our network of integrators.

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Assistance with vehicle certification:

  • Products already approved by certification agencies
  • Administrative support
  • Installation on the vehicle
 Visibility studies:
  • Positioning of cameras for optimized field of view
  • Field-of-view settings compliant with current regulations
  • Camera settings to guarantee high-quality images

Reduce accidents, save lives, and increase ROI

  • +115% distance run between two accidents​
  • 60% cut in accident costs​
  • 80% savings on consumed material​
  • 38% reduction in maintenance costs

Figures from TPG operator

Certified Safety

The Smart-Vision camera system is a safety leader. It was the first to gain UTAC’s worldwild approval in 2017. It is R46, R10, R118 homologated but also IATF and ISO 26262 certified. In the USA, it can replace conventional mirrors, as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted its exemption approval .



In 2017, Smart-Vision became the inaugural camera monitor system to receive R46 homologation, underscoring our commitment to upholding stringent global standards in vehicle safety.

ISO 26262

Safety Tech and its Smart-Vision have held ISO 26262 certification since 2017, guaranteeing the implementation of a standard that assures the functional safety of electrical/electronic systems in automotive vehicles.



Committed to delivering automotive excellence with the highest standards of quality and safety, Safety Tech is IATF certified for the compliance of its quality management system


FMCSA & CCMTA Exemptions

Smart-Vision was granted an exemption to install camera monitor system, Smart-Vision, in substitution for traditional mirrors in Canada and the USA.

Make your system smarter by integrating SafetySide into your Smart-Vision solution for a comprehensive product without component redundancy

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