Transparency when you want it and privacy when you need it for agile working spaces

LCG® switchable glass is easily integrated into glass office partitions, creating flexibility for team members to choose privacy or an open and collaborative environment instantly. LC laminated smart glass or adhesive smart film is ideal for privacy, white board use, or as a projection screen when opaque, while SPD and Solar LC support shading and temperature control when used in facade glass.

LCG® switchable partitions allow privacy in open office spaces without sacrificing sleek designs. Privacy glass is ideal for conference rooms and private work spaces. SPD and Solar LC support shading and temperature control in interiors through exterior glass. 

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Increase Productivity

Allow for collaborative open spaces and access to natural light, or privacy for independent thinking and confidentiality

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Optimize Space

Replace studded walls that consume space, curtains that are outdated and block views , and make walls multi-use

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Dynamic Designs

Maintain all glass interior designs, and allow natural light to flow without blocking views for inspiring workspaces

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Conserve Energy

Facades with SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allow windows to shade and reflect heat for lowered HVAC costs

Turn smart glass off and on


Switchable Smart Glass Office


LCG® Smart Glass Benefits for Offices

  • Agile spaces that support employee preferences
  • Instant privacy or open concept
  • White board or projection screen when opaque
  • Create fluid boundaries in open concept spaces
  • Optimize space with glass partitions
  • A high tech design upgrade for modern businesses
  • Easy to clean privacy solution
  • Access to natural light without compromising privacy or views

LCG® Smart Glass Applications for Offices

  • Conference rooms
  • Private offices
  • Corridor facing offices
  • Pods/Phone Booths
  • Work bays/desk dividers
  • Welcome areas
  • Mothers rooms