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Safety Tech, a Gauzy company, is a tier one system supplier that designs, develops and markets innovative, customized products and technologies that support road user safety and driver comfort in long-body vehicles. A global market leader in award-winning ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), Safety Tech is also a top manufacturer of bus driver protection doors.

All Gauzy’s Safety Tech products are developed and manufactured in-house, and are available to OEMs and public transit operators as original equipment or as an aftermarket retrofit solution on trucks, buses, and coaches worldwide through trained integration partners.

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ADAS reduces accidents protecting road users and vehicles, while driver protection doors protect public transit operators against aggression and viruses

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Increased operational performance​

Minimize driver fatigue, expand visibility, and support driver comfort for increased confidence, reassurance while driving, and safer overall operation

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Low-maintenance solutions with significantly decreased operating costs across all products​, and aerodynamic CMS designs reduce fuel consumption ​

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Designed to meet and exceed current and future UN Vehicle regulations protecting VRUs and creating safer roads

Our ADAS Products

Camera Monitor

Award winning CMS, Smart-Vision, replaces traditional mirrors with fully integrated high-definition exterior cameras and interior cab displays, eliminating blind spots, reducing driver fatigue, and easing maneuverability for safer operation

Driver Information Systems

Adhering to BSIS regulatory reforms, Driver Information ADAS systems integrate with CMS screens and additional cameras, providing lateral blind spot mitigation and real time visual and auditory alerts for risk collision intervention and safer driving

Driver Protection

Create a safe driver environment for city bus operators with fully customizable pneumatic driver protection doors designed to resist passenger aggression, and protect drivers from health concerns or threatening situations​

Vehicles We Equip

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Bus & Coach

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Safety Tech’s CMS and ADAS products are the first of a kind, offered as original equipment or for aftermarket retrofitting to existing fleets through an extensive integration network.

Our Customers

Choosing Safety Tech products allows OEMs to offer operators state-of-the-art technology that is at the forefront of road-safety reform globally. Join our growing list of customers choosing to make cities and roads safer – all thanks to having vision.

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Our Awards

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Safety Tech, a market leader in ADAS, camera monitor systems and driver protection doors, is now part of Gauzy