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Safety Tech, a business unit of Gauzy dedicated to vision control technologies, is a market leader in commercial driver assistance and protection systems that enhance safety, efficiency, and confidence. Working with OEMs, municipalities and integrators, Gauzy is committed to making roads and cities even safer.

Our fully homologated products are available for retrofit to existing vehicles or as original equipment for various vehicle body types, and include camera monitor systems (CMS), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and driver protection doors. Each product line is developed and manufactured in-house according to the highest quality standards and meeting strict regulatory standards for different regions. ​​

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Our blind spot and driver notification systems help reduce accidents, and public transport operators are protected with driver protection doors

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Increased operational performance​

Minimize driver fatigue, expand visibility, and support driver comfort for increased confidence, reassurance while driving, and safer overall operation

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Low-maintenance solutions with significantly decreased operating costs across all products​, and aerodynamic designs reduce fuel consumption ​

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Designed to proactively meet and exceed current and future UN Vehicle regulations protecting Vulnerable Road Users and creating safer roads

Our driver safety solutions

Camera Monitor

Award-winning CMS replaces mirrors with high-definition exterior cameras & interior cab displays, reducing blind spots, enhancing visibility across multiple classes, combatting driver fatigue, and improving maneuverability for safer operation.​

Collision Avoidance Systems

Our CMS and ADAS products meet UN Blind Spot and Moving Off Information System regulations, integrating seamlessly with user-friendly UX/UI to eliminate blind spots, provide real-time alerts for smart decisions, and enhance driving safety.

Driver Protection

​Ensure city bus operator safety with customizable protection doors installed into existing or new fleet buses. These doors include a retractable window to swiftly address passenger aggression or protect drivers from health concerns.​

Vehicles We Equip

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95 Years of Expertise

Marius Berliet automobile foundation

Originating in 1928, Gauzy Safety Tech has leveraged a rich 95-year legacy in rearview solutions, to pioneer Camera Monitor Systems for the commercial vehicle industry. ​

Transitioning from traditional mechanical mirrors to electronic mirrors (e-mirrors), the company now embraces future-facing solutions: AI-powered camera-based systems equipped with collision detection alerts that supersede conventional mirrors.​

Our Commitment to Safety & Quality ​

Safety Tech’s unwavering commitment to excellence is seen in its pursuit of rigorous quality and safety standards, including IATF 16949, R10, R46, R118, ISO 9001, ISO 26262, ISO 16505, ISO 16750, and ISO 14001, showcasing dedication to top-tier products/services and environmental sustainability.



Smart-Vision has been R46 homologated since 2017, establishing our commitment to adhering to rigorous international vehicle safety standards ​

ISO 26262

Smart-Vison and Safety Tech have been ISO 26262 homolgated since 2017, ensuring the functional safety of our electrical systems for the automotive industry ​



Committed to delivering automotive excellence with the highest standards of quality and safety, Safety Tech is IATF certified for the compliance of its quality management system

ISO 14001

Safety Tech is dedicated to improve its environmental practices, assuring customers that our products and services are intentionally designed and delivered with minimal environmental impact in mind

Gauzy’s ADAS & CMS products are the only known solutions available for retrofitting to existing vehicles through an extensive integration network, or as original equipment to OEMs as a Tier 1. ​

Our Customers

Choosing Safety Tech products allows OEMs to offer operators state-of-the-art technology that is at the forefront of road-safety reform globally. Join our growing list of customers choosing to make cities and roads safer – all thanks to having vision.

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