Cockpit Shading

Gauzy's cockpit shading products are utilized by over 90% of commercial aircrafts, providing solar and light blocking control that enable pilots to safely fly aircrafts

A wide range of cockpit shading systems and custom-made solutions include roller blinds with high-tech film, sheer roller blind, high visual quality, as well as integrated lightweight sun visors. All our solutions meet fire and smoke standards and comprise a scratch-resistant treatment​

Cockpit shading solution

Cockpit Solar Protection Systems

Our solar protection systems for cockpits provide light and glare blocking control for greater piloting comfort and safety in commercial and business jet aircrafts. ​

Cockpit roller blinds and sunvisors

Cockpit Blinds and Sun Visors

Cockpit Blinds

  • Roller-blinds with high-tech film or fabric​​
  • Adjustable to any shape of window
  • Easy use and implementation

Cockpit Sun Visors

  • High visual quality sun visors
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Vibration resistant
  • Adjustable in all directions and/or removable

Cockpit dimmable windows

Dimmable Cockpit Side Windows

  • Add-on SPD dimmable shading solution
  • SPD allows glare and shading in milliseconds
  • Ergonomic solution without pilot distraction
  • Instant removal of window without tools in case of emergency
  • Complete covering of the cockpit window regardless of the shape​​
  • No visual distortion​​
  • No view obstruction

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