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It all starts with a vision.

We are a fully-integrated light and vision control company, transforming the way we experience our everyday environments. Our cutting-edge nanotechnology and electronics capabilities in light control, and our mechatronics and image analysis technologies in vision control, are revolutionizing mobility and architectural end-markets. We have established distinct leadership positions across these large and high-growth markets, where our technologies are replacing traditional mechanical products, such as shades, blinds and mirrors, with advanced and sustainable solutions offering superior functionality.​

Gauzy Ltd. is a global leader in vision and light control solutions, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of vision and light control technologies that support safe, sustainable, comfortable, and agile user experiences across various industries.

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* As of 2024

Core Competencies

Powered by combined knowledge and expertise in cross functional principles and multidisciplinary fields, Gauzy strives to create products and services for unprecedented solutions positioned at the pinnacle of what is possible today, and at the foundation of what we need for tomorrow.​

About Us Chemistry

Chemical Development & Synthesis​

Molecular synthesis and formulation development, perfected from laboratory to production​

About Us Hardware v1

Mechatronics ​

Design and manufacturing of control systems and electronic component integration. ​

Safety Tech collision avoidance system alert

Image Analysis​

Advanced AI powered image analysis utilization for ADAS programs​

Gauzy ATE

Material Coating & Lamination​

Precision coating and lamination processes, focusing on durability, functionality, and aesthetics​

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Composite & Forming

Custom or off-the-shelf composite components to meet customer needs as a Tier 1 or aeronautics, marine, and helicopter markets​

Gauzy Design Engineering

Design & Engineering​

Vertically integrated design and engineering capabilities to leverage expertise to various end markets ​

Gauzy Worldwide

Globally situated with production facilities in Israel, Germany, France, and the US, and sales, marketing, and fulfillment centers in 10 additional cities, Gauzy offers products through direct fulfillment and our expertly trained and certified distribution channel covering over 30 countries.

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Gauzy HQ

Tel Aviv, Israel