embedding technology into raw materials

As pioneers of material science and nanotechnology, Gauzy is the only company in the world currently working with both SPD and Liquid Crystal Technology, making us the market leader in the development and production of LCG® (Light Control Glass) products. Our carefully curated technology is bridging the gap between science and our every day lives as we pair our chemistry with static transparent materials.  Every window, from cars to buildings, is redefined by Gauzy, supporting today’s, and the future’s, most cutting edge demands.

  • R&D

    Gauzy's HQ has multiple labs where we synthesize and combine materials from the molecular level creating formulas, emulsions, and HW for fully optimized and continuously improved end products that revolutionize the way we experience light.
  • Production

    Custom roll-to-roll manufacturing lines for LC and SPD are located in both Israel and Germany. Combining principles of Israeli innovation and German precision, Gauzy is committed to producing and delivering the next generation of smart glass technology.
  • Certification & Training

    Our products are handled by a network of over 50 trained and certified fabricators, for implementation by world leading automotive and architectural brands.  Our C&T programs are available for industry professionals worldwide.  
  • LCG®

    Gauzy’s SPD and Liquid Crystal based films are laminated into or retrofitted onto transparent materials by industry professionals to make LCG® (Light Control Glass) for applications worldwide.

Science and Tech of LCG®

Gauzy’s LCG® technology consists of specially combined SPD emulsions or Liquid Crystal formulations that are coated between two sheets of PET-ITO, and then UV cured, creating a single film. 

smart glass diagram

material applications

These carefully UV-curated films are then laminated into or retrofitted onto glass or other transparent materials
(like polycarbonate) by our global partners, making LCG® (light control glass).


laminated lc diagram
Support sophisticated projects from the start with films that are laminated between two pieces of glass with PVB, EVA, or UA adhesive inter layers


retrofit lc diagram

Transform existing glass into LCG® with wet adhesive retrofit films for easy installation, and a scratch proof protective outer coating 

how it works

SPD or LC LCG® dims or turns on and off from opaque to transparent with our
patented control systems supporting dynamic light control.  

When off, particles are scattered creating opacity for privacy, shading, solar control, or projection

When on, particles align, creating transparency for an open atmosphere and natural light

Innovation & Creation

We are constantly seeking to create disruptive technology and products.
Contact us to discuss special products, projects, and applications.


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Eyal Peso

Co-Founder and CEO

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adrian lofer

co-founder and cto

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meir peleg


Dudi Baruch


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dan schechter

vp sales

hadas talmi Mahler

VP hr

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brittany kleiman swisa

vp marketing

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lee cohen

vp administration

Tania Fadida

vp r&D

Han-alexander pothoven

Senior director - automotive

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