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Gauzy SPD allows glass to turn on, off, or dim to block up to 99.5% of light for high performance glazing that replaces traditional shading solutions.

Premium SPD emulsions and films developed and manufactured by Gauzy are optimized and utilized for automotive and architectural shading applications. Precisely controlled allowing user to control light while maintaining views SPD is the optimal choice for outdoor windows across industries.

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Custom Shading

Dimming features allow complete control of how much light enters a space for a comfortable experience

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Maintain Views

SPD blocks up to 99% of light, creating shade while maintaining a view of the outside scenery

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Energy Efficient

Improve energy ratings and earn green points by mitigating lighting and heating/cooling costs

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Optimize Light

Utilize natural light for energy savings and ambiance, and shade during peak hours for cooling and solar control

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Easy to Clean

Eliminate fabric or electronic curtains that are hard to clean and collect germs while affecting designs

Enhance Wellbeing

Provide instant light or minimize eye strain from glare giving users flexibility and comfort instantly

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Fast Switching

Unlike other tinting technologies, switch from off to on in just 3 seconds on large or curved panels

Key Specifications

  • Ultra low haze: avg. 2.5%
  • UV Blocking: 100%
  • Minimal energy consumption: avg. 1.5w/m²
  • Operating Voltages: 100VAC squarewave
  • Switching Times: <3s
  • Only available SPD with architectural widths
  • Standard or custom sizes and shapes with holes, notches
  • Glass Types: Flat or Curved, Annealed, Tempered, Clear, Low Iron/Ultra Clear, IG Units, other
  • Available through licensed partners
  • Compatible with PVB, EVA, TPU interlayers
  • Custom laser-etched patterns

SPD Laminated Smart Glass Composition

SPD based Smart Glass films developed and manufactured by Gauzy are laminated between two pieces of glass or polycarbonate with adhesive interlayers to create LCG® Smart Glass. SPD Smart Glass can be comprised of multiple types of glass and implemented into IGUs to best fit a project’s needs.


spd sunroof


Shade and block glare with SPD sunroofs, sun visors, and windows while saving material costs, space, and protecting interiors  

spd on train

Planes & Trains

Allow passengers to choose how they experience natural light, while still being able to enjoy outside scenery and natural views

spd on boat


Enjoy serene ocean and sky views without strong light reflection, glare, and heat with smart glass in cabin, bridge, and deck windows 

smart glass skylight - Gauzy

Skylights & Facades

Replace complex shading systems allow for natural light, views, and sleek designs while being environmentally conscious 

SPD Controllers

Gauzy’s industry leading HW supports controlled dimming for a custom experience, 
while ensuring superior optical and mechanical performance of SPD 

∞ Mini, Flex, and MultiPlex options for various uses and configurations
∞ Small form factor and footprint with easy installation
∞ Large drive capacity up to 10 sqm
∞ Dimming and fading control for tunable shading
∞ Advanced protection features for better ROI and MTBF
∞ WIFI/DMX/RS-485 for compatibility with smart systems

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Questions and Answers

Yes. Gauzy offers cut to fit films for lamination or rolls in varying widths.

Yes! Gauzy SPD allows dynamic shading, therefore, light can enter or be blocked from a space. Utilizing natural light reduces lighting and heating costs, and blocking light mitigates HVAC consumption, ultimately improving energy ratings and efficiency.

Gauzy’s SPD has a unique patented controller. With a small form factor and footprint, the Gauzy SPD controller powers 10sqm of LCG® with WIFI/DMX/RE-485 compatibility for easy control with smart devices.

SPD does not become fully opaque, therefore it is not ideal for privacy or projection, unless paired with LC technology. On the contrary, it provides the best shading solution, as it allows you to maintain a view of the outdoors. Interested in Dual Glazing? Let us know.

Yes. Gauzy is the only manufacturer of SPD with a variety of custom cut-to-fit widths that accommodate architectural size windows.

Gauzy LCG® is a low voltage product with minimal energy consumption. Driven by our patented square wave controllers, LCG® consumes on average 1.5watts/sqm.

SPD blocks up to 99% of light when fully tinted, and various levels in between with dimming controllers, making it a perfect replacement for blinds and traditional shading systems. Since SPD does not become fully opaque, it allows you to shade without blocking views for an optimal experience.

Gauzy offers competitive pricing on automotive and architectural grade SPD. Contact us for a quote today.

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