Helicopter Windows

With two decades of expertise in helicopter windows, Gauzy stands out as a leader in the industry. Our products are celebrated for their innovative features and comprehensive functional systems, setting the benchmark for excellence with superior performance and reliability. ​

Tailored to suit Utility, VIP, and Urban Air Mobility rotorcrafts and helicopters, our products include jettisonable and composite framed helicopter windows, and several composite products including sunvisors, casings, and cyclic sticks. ​

Helicopter Windows with composite frames

Our range of helicopter windows incorporates flipping, sliding, and jettisonable mechanisms, each boasting exceptional mechanical properties, vibration and impact resistance, and high optical quality. Additionally, these windows can be integrated with our dimmable solutions providing additional visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort.​

vs composite solutions

Custom-made composite solutions

Jettisonable Helicopter windows

Features of our customized solutions:​

  • Sliding, bad weather or jettisonable windows​
  • Various types of material, glazing tints ​
  • Different shapes and thicknesses​
  • Flat or curved​
  • Frames designed for specific load cases

Benefits of our helicopter windows:​

  • Robust and waterproof
  • Lightweight components
  • Jettisonable systems allowing intuitive, easy and instant opening for fast way out

Dimmable Windows

helicopter windows segmented SPD window​

Segmented SPD window

helicopter windows PDLC SPD

PDLC+ SPD window

SPD Dimmable Window Features:​​

  • Tailor glass to block up to 99% of visible light, ensuring optimal comfort in the cockpit​
  • Effectively block solar light, heat, and UV rays to maintain a pleasant cabin environment​
  • Silently switches between tint levels in seconds, providing seamless control over lighting conditions​
  • Lightweight solution ideal for helicopter configurations, minimizing impact on overall weight
  • Acoustic insulation for quieter cabin
  • Integrated electronics facilitate low maintenance and straightforward installation, ensuring hassle-free operation
  • Distinctive design for higher brand image

SPD + PDLC Dimmable Window Features:​

  • SPD technology blocks up to 99% of visible light​
  • PDLC + SPD combination creates a blackout effect for enhanced privacy
  • PDLC provides additional light diffusion, ensuring a uniform cabin appearance
  • Individual or synchronized control of each technology for tailored lighting preferences
  • Silent switching with automatic, centralized, or individual control from touch panel interface or personal device​
  • Blocks solar light, heat, and UV rays for optimal cabin comfort​
  • Lightweight glazing with integrated electronics for seamless operation

With in-house R&D centers and production facilities in France and Florida, specializing in Resin Transfer Molding, thermocompression, thermoforming, and draping, we adeptly meet diverse global demands, ensuring full control over product development from design to production.​

helicopter windows production

Additional Composite Helicopter Products

In-house composite processes enable the manufacture of high-tech, versatile components with sought-after properties.​

helicopter window products

✔ Weight saving
✔ Versatile solution
✔ Excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance
✔ Increased damage tolerance

✔ High technical precision
✔ Improved damping for lower noise and vibration
✔ Reduced parts count achieved through single piece molding

We recycle carbon fiber-reinforced polymer offcuts as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, showing our commitment to minimizing environmental impact.​

Universal Recycling Symbol blue

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