Gauzy develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of smart glass technologies and ADAS/CMS solutions to meet an array of applications across the automotive industry while staying on trend with evolving vehicle design and regulatory reforms. ​

 OEMs, Tier 1s, and integrators working with Gauzy’s products meet the demands of drivers and passengers for features that are safe, sustainable, comfortable, and aesthetic.

Gauzy is working with leading OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our technology through a system based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.  

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Reducing blind spots, audio visual hazard notifications, glare blocking, and reduced eye strain ensure drivers can safely operate vehicles​

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Reduced fuel consumption from cooling and weight to less waste from damaged parts ensures environmental efficiency ​

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Instantaneous glass tinting, vibrant transparent displays, and automatic adjusting interior HD screens provide unprecedented experiences ​

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Aerodynamic designs, customization, and future facing aesthetics drivers and passengers appreciate while providing brand differentiation ​

Automotive-grade LCG® Smart Glass for broad transportation end markets​

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Gauzy’s PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) and SPD (suspended particle device) technologies allow glass to instantly switch between transparent and opaque enabling dynamic shading and supporting the most advanced transparent displays

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) exclusively for heavy vehicles ​

Gauzy’s Safety Tech business is focused on ADAS systems including camera monitor systems (CMS) that enable wider on road visibility, blind spot mitigation, and safety alerts that support safer operation of trucks and buses, in addition to driver protection doors for city bus operators

Transportation Markets We Serve ​ with Smart Glass Products ​


Passenger Cars

LCG® smart glass supports glare mitigation, thermal comfort, interior protection, and dynamic displays through active glazed sunroofs, windshields, backlites, passenger windows, and interior dividers ​​  


LCG® smart glass and traditional shading for commercial and private aircrafts with management systems supporting ambiance, comfort, acoustic control, and safety


IGU windows with SPD or exterior PDLC replaces fabric privacy and shading solutions with modern, easy to clean alternatives in side windows, or panoramic vistadome glazing

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Enjoy sky and ocean views with blocking views while mitigating glare and heat in unique shapes windows with SPD, or interior bathroom enclosures with PDLC


A top provider of cockpit shading for commercial and passenger helicopters, LCG® smart glass blocks glare and neutralizes color for safer flying and comfortable passenger viewing

Transportation Agriculture Smart Glass


Agricultural and construction vehicles utilize LCG® and ADAS camera systems for full visibility, shading, and spatial awareness while working in the field

Transportation Markets We Serve ​ with ADAS Products ​

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ADAS & CMS support improved safety, increased operational performance, high ROI and are regulation complaint​

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Bus & Coach

Adas & CMS help reduce accidents, minimize driver fatigue, lower operating costs and are designed to exceed UN vehicle regulations​

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Agriculture and constructive vehicles utilize ADAS and CMS for full visibility and spatial awareness while working in the field​

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ADAS & CMS systems for motorhomes enhance safety, mitigate driver fatigue, and lower operational expenses, surpassing UN vehicle regulations ​

Working together with OEMs, Tier 1s, integrators, designers, or completion centers, Gauzy creates and enables products that meet the demands of today while addressing the trends that define industries for tomorrow.​

Gauzy’s manufacturing facilities are IATF and ISO certified, meeting automotive production standards and requirements. ​

“Magneti Marelli and Gauzy collaborated at CES 2019 to show LCG® for dynamic light projection on car windows. Gauzy’s Liquid Crystal LCG® was integrated into the windows of its connected test vehicle, enabling high quality, switchable projection surfaces to support the company’s “positional advertising leveraging V2X” concept.”

We’re glad we partnered with Safety Tech for them to supply the camera monitoring system which replaces traditional mirrors with high-definition digital cameras and interior displays. The TITANIUM+, our latest coach, is designed to avoid distractions while driving and it provides an optimized visibility that ensures greater safety on the road.“

Miquel Genabat Sancho

We have been working with Vision Systems for two years and the truth is that we are very happy with the service and your product. Our latest collaboration on our Nelec busbody has been fantastic and we are very grateful for the seriousness and professionalism they have shown.

Pablo Sierra