PDLC Smart Film

Convert standard glass into LCG® smart glass with Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) adhesive smart films designed to be retrofitted into an existing space for an instant upgrade

Gauzy’s LCG® adhesive smart films work just like laminated smart glass, instantly switching from opaque to transparent for dynamic light control. Installed by trained film installers onto existing windows and glass partitions
PDLC smart films support:

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Dynamic Privacy

Complete privacy or transparency when you need and want it most

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Temperature Control

Solar Control LC films reflect IR light that creates heat for cooler interiors and less HVAC costs

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High ROI

Mitigate longterm costs associated with cleaning, cooling, and signage

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Dynamic Designs

Utilize laser-cut shapes and sizes for extra customization and features

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Optimize Space

Replace thick studded walls with thin partitions or section open floor plans with minimalist solutions

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Instant Upgrade

Easy-to-install film converts ordinary glass into smart, dynamic glass for immediate use

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Enhance Wellbeing

Provide light or privacy and give users flexibility to control their space for greater sense of control and wellbeing