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The smart glass market is growing across different industries and sectors. Be at the forefront of innovation, and have the technologies your customers are asking for. Helping you to expand your product portfolio and earn more on your process, Gauzy offers different types of programs for glass professionals. Learn more below. ​​

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We support our partners

In addition to different types of training programs and quality verification tools, all partners benefit from sales and marketing support, ensuring confident promotion of smart glass products.

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Sample Kit

An easy-to-carry demo kit that allows you to easily demonstrate how LCG® looks and works, anytime and anywhere.
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Marketing Materials

Access to a database of brochures, images,  and collateral to help you market and sell Gauzy to clients 

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Lead Generation

Platinum partners receive regional leads, lead generation support, and event partnership opportunities for increased brand awareness and business potential ​

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In this guide, we introduce glass installers to smart glass: what it is, how it works and, most importantly, how to install smart glass, going in-depth to provide you with all the tidbits you need to know in terms of glazing requirements. 

Learn about new smart building materials you need to use. Consider the fine line between openness and privacy. Rethink the crossover between cleanliness, safety and sustainability.

One of the most remarkable qualities of Smart Glass is its versatility. This handbook is a valuable resource that covers in detail the many different ways smart glass can be used in architecture and interior design.

Safety standards in healthcare environments are constantly evolving. Innovative building designs and smart materials can help facilities adapt , better treat patients and ensure the safety of staff, patients, and visitors.

Glass Fabricators

partner smart glass fabricator
partner smart glass fabricator
partner smart glass fabricator

Gauzy’s compatibility with different interlayers such as EVA, PVB and TPU, streamlines the learning curve of adding smart glass into your process and portfolio, shortening the time it takes to open up new opportunities to cater to diverse customer needs.

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High ROI

Smart glass retails for at least 1.5 times the cost of regular glass and can be laminated with other glass with the same profile for fast returns ​

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Certified Manufacturing

Purchasing film from an original smart film manufacturer with ongoing R&D ensures your end customers receive the most top of the line and innovative smart glass ​

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Quality Assurance

Patented tools and proven procedures paired with onsite training gives partners extra confidence to fabricate the most premium products and quantifiable results to confirm it ​

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Grow Your Market

The global smart glass market is estimated to reach $8.2B by 2027, driven by demand in the architecture and automotive industries ​

The Gauzy Partner Flow

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Onsite training & lamination

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Delivery of premium films

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ATE pre-lamination testing

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Create laminated LCG®

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Test LCG® with ATE

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LCG® delivery worldwide