Meeting OEM’s vision and goals while prioritizing passenger experience ​

Switchable smart glass with PDLC or SPD technologies, integrated into railway compliant IGU windows, allows glass to turn on or off in milliseconds to control various forms of light via touch panel at seat, centralized system, or preset automations for dynamic shading, privacy, solar control, and displays that can turn transparent. ​

Gauzy is working with leading OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our technology through a system based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.  

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Extended Functionality ​

Making glazing a multifunctional feature that supports traveler comfort, viewing experience, and access to information when used as a transparent display ​

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Greater Wellbeing ​

Block glare without compromising views, ensure privacy when needed, and provide thermal and visual comfort​

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Dynamic Designs

Cutting edge solutions with forward focused technologies that make cabin designs future proof and promote a strong, innovative brand approach​

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High ROI ​

Reduce HVAC costs, material replacement from UV deterioration, and overhead costs associated with cleaning and maintenance ​

Gauzy PDLC Smart Glass

Benefits of LCG® Smart Glass with PDLC technology:

  • on, off, or anywhere in between in milliseconds
  • privacy or an open atmosphere instantly
  • rear projection screen when opaque for transparent displays
  • temperature control through exterior windows with Solar Control LCG® films
  • allow light to flow between spaces for greater ambiance, wellbeing and energy optimization
  • easily controlled via touch panel or centralized cabin management system
  • available in custom shapes, sizes, segmented patterns and  compatible with various lamination configurations

Gauzy SPD Smart Glass

Benefits of LCG® Smart Glass with SPD technology:

  • dim or tint glass to the perfect shading level
  • switches in milliseconds unlike electrochromic glass
  • blocks glare without blocking views for greater connection to surroundings
  • easily connected to other automation and lighting control systems
  • can be paired with LG Display T-OLED technology for transparent displays
  • easily controlled via touch panel or centralized cabin management system
  • available in custom shapes, sizes, segmented patterns and  compatible with various lamination configurations

Turn PDLC Smart Glass on and off


Railway smart glass train off

Turn SPD Smart Glass on and off


Railway smart glass train on

Gauzy and Rehau partner to streamline the integration of smart glass technologies into train systems.​

LCG® Smart Glass Benefits for OEMs

  • Reduce HVAC requirements with solar control properties
  • Protect interiors from fading with 99% UV blocking
  • Future facing design element with a strong brand statement
  • A safer environment for passengers and staff
  • ​Extended opportunities for revenue and communication
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean
  • Fully customized solution

LCG® Smart Glass Applications for Passengers

  • A modern design element that feels sophisticated and provides a futuristic experience
  • On-demand privacy
  • Thermal comfort with solar IR control
  • Shade with a view for connection to outdoors
  • Access to route info and visual engagement
  • Greater use of natural light
  • Precise control for a unique ride
  • An easy to clean solution that makes spaces feel hygienic
  • Easy to use control interface for user autonomy or preset options synchronized with environment

Railway Applications

railway passenger windows

Passenger Windows ​

SPD supports precise shading without limiting views, and PDLC allows privacy when passing through populated areas ​  

railway sky facing windows

Sky Facing Windows ​

Shading, glare reduction, and solar blocking in skylights and sky facing panoramic windows and vents ​

railway partions

Partitions & Dividers ​

Partitions between seats, classes, in first class cabins, and coaches for enhanced privacy or availability indications ​

railway transparent displays

Transparent Displays ​

Instantly switch windows into digital displays for time and location-based messages and advertising ​

railway tourist trains

Tourist Trains ​

Impactful viewing experiences as glass switches from opaque to transparent for specially timed scenic reveals ​

railway conductor

Conductor Cabins ​

Replace sun visors and shading mechanisms for reduced eye strain and a more comfortable operating environment ​

railway passenger shades

Ask us about our non-dimmable shading and privacy solutions including our low maintenance manual and motorized passenger shades optimized for smooth up and down use without distortion, and easy on-site maintenance for railway operators that takes just 10 minutes to service!

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