Enhance your home design with a unique upgrade that brings luxury and modern edge to diverse decorative styles

LCG® smart glass makes the glass in a home an experience, providing a contemporary and sophisticated privacy solution homeowners use and appreciate. Easily integrated with smart home and lighting systems, smart glass of adhesive smart film supports:

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Privacy on Demand

Allow your home to be an open haven when shared space is desired, while having the option for privacy when needed

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Dynamic Design

Let the interior design of your own home display your creativity with unpredictable design features for unique living spaces

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Temperature Control

Keep your home naturally cool with Solar Control LCG® and SPD that reflects IR heat and shades for more control

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Mitigate heating, cooling, and lighting costs with low energy consuming LCG®, helping your home be more eco-friendly

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LCG® Smart Glass Benefits for Homes

  • A versatile and modern design upgrade for diverse decorative styles
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Easy integration with smart home applications and lighting solutions
  • Divide space in open floor plans
  • Optimize space with partitions between rooms
  • Allow light to flow from room to room
  • Reduce HVAC and lighting costs with LC and SPD products

LCG® Smart Glass Applications for Homes

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Front doors
  • Bedroom windows
  • Skylights
  • Windows or door facing neighbors or the street
  • Home offices
  • Bar areas and wine rooms
  • Safe rooms
  • Home entertainment centers