Smart Glass for Passenger Vehicles

Gauzy’s PDLC technologies, with or without segmentation, offer diverse applications in passenger vehicles, enhancing safety for drivers, comfort for passengers, and fuel efficiency.

OEMs selecting Gauzy’s technology cater to their customers’ needs, positioning us at the forefront of future mobility systems as the automotive industry shifts towards electric and autonomous vehicles.​

Gauzy is working with leading OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our technology through a system based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.  

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Optimize Space

Instantly dimming windows block up to 99% of light eliminating glare and heat that disrupts drivers and passengers

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Customizable shading, temperature control, and glare reduction for a better driving experience.

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Improve Safety

Reduce glare, minimize blind spots, improve privacy and aid collision prevention, enhancing road safety.

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Reduce energy consumption through solar control, minimizing the need for heating and cooling systems

Smart Glass technologies



Sunroof PDLC SPD Off

A variety of automotive-grade Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal products switch in millisecond between transparent and opaque for bright yet ambient interiors with solar light control ​



Sunroof PDLC SPD Off

Patented Suspended Particle Device technology blocks up to 99% of visible light for dimmable shading that maintains a view for continued visibility, glare blocking, and contrast in transparent displays ​

Automotive Smart Glass Applications



Sunroofs with PDLC or SPD allow for optimized headspace in EVs while allowing instant light control for comfort and cooling ​

Sunvisors ​

Windshields with segmented SPD instantly dim to block disruptive glare that affects driving​

CES sidedoor

Passenger Windows ​

Side windows with PDLC or SPD allow for dynamic light control, privacy, and thermal comfort ​

Side Window Displays​

PDLC paired with projection create an HD surface for displays that instantly switch transparent ​

High Contrast HUD ​

SPD in its tinted state creates a high contrast display, ideal for HUDs as chosen by BMW​

safety tech smart vision truck

Visit Gauzy’s Safety Tech unit to learn about our ADAS, CMS, and Driver Protection Barrier products for Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Agro vehicles and more

LCG® Smart Glass Benefits for OEMs

  • Solar control properties reduce heating and cooling requirements
  • 99% UV blocking protects interiors from fading
  • Enhances design with a strong brand statement
  • Promotes passenger and driver safety
  • Creates revenue and communication opportunities
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Fully customized solutions

LCG® Smart Glass Benefits for Drivers

  • Enhances modern vehicle design
  • Provides on-demand privacy for passengers and drivers
  • Ensures thermal comfort with solar IR control technology
  • Offers shade with a view, allowing connection to the outdoors
  • Provides access to route information and visual engagement features
  • Maximizes the use of natural light within the vehicle
  • Easy-to-clean solution maintaining hygienic interiors

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