Cabin Shading

Award winning shading and light control solutions for commercial and business aircraft cabins offer more comfortable and unique experiences for passengers ​

A diverse range of highly customizable or plug-and-play shading solutions ranging from smart dimmable windows to traditional shades, or a combination of the two, allows dynamic and precise light control increasing thermal and visual comfort by blocking glare & daylight while creating an atmosphere on board that passengers appreciate ​

Our products are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct requirements of commercial, business, or VIP aircraft. We assure OEMs, airlines, designers, completion centers, and MROs access to uniquely designed products that facilitate brand differentiation and prioritize an exceptional passenger experience.​

Aircrafts we equip

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Dimmable windows in commercial aircraft

Commercial Airlines

Meeting airlines’ specific needs on narrow-body and wide-body aircrafts with off-the-shelf products:

  • Offering first and economy window shading solutions that differentiates brands ​
  • Easy to retrofit to existing aircrafts for upgrading and maintenance ​
  • Award winning FAA & EASA compliant products ​
  • Choose shading and ambiance solutions that match current and future design concepts for long term contracts​
  • Enable different moods and atmospheres for different touch points in the journey that contributes to the overall flying experience. ​
  • Plug and play off-the-shelf solutions
SPD aircraft window shading

Dimmable windows in VIP aircraft

Business & VIP Jets

Supplying a variety of business and VIP jet OEMs with highly customizable solutions:​​

  • Providing premium, customizable window shading solutions to match personalized and distinctive design concepts
  • Simple retrofitting process for minimized downtime or new builds​
  • Award-winning products and trusted products that are FAA & EASA compliant​
  • Select shading and ambiance solutions aligned with both present and future design concepts for long-term contracts ​
  • Facilitating diverse moods and atmospheres at various touch points during the journey to enhance the overall flying experience

Cabin shading solutions

SPD Dimmable Windows

Dimmable smart glass windows with SPD tint and dim from opaque to transparent instantly for a sophisticated, tech-forward shading option in passenger cabins​

VS SPD segmented dimmable window

Segmented SPD window

SPD Dimmable Window ​Features
  • Tune glass to block up to 99% of visible light​ ​
    Block solar light, heat, and UV rays​​
  • Silently switches in seconds ​
  • Light weight solution ​​
  • Control via automatic, centralized or individual touch panel interface or personal device​​
  • Integrated electronics for low maintenance and easy installation​
  • Possibility to creates zones, with independent control​
  • Fixed system without moving parts

SPD Dimmable Window ​Benefits

  • Shading that maintains a view when in opaque state for connection with sky​
  • Reduce eye strain & create a comfortable interior ​
  • Cooler interiors reduces HVAC consumption upon boarding ​
  • Protect and preserve interiors from light based degradation ​
  • Increased visual and thermal comfort
  • Increased fuel efficiency & cost savings ​
  • Easy to sanitize and maintain ​
  • Efficient trouble shooting and integration

SPD + PDLC ​Dimmable Windows

Dimmable smart glass windows with SPD & PDLC tint and dim from opaque to transparent instantly for dynamic cabin shading with a uniform and atmospheric appeal ​

Aircraft shading SPD Nuance PDLC EDW​

SPD + PDLC dimmable windows in opaque state ​

SPD + PDLC ​Dimmable Window Features

  • SPD blocks up to 99% of visible light
  • PDLC + SPD creates blackout effect
  • PDLC provides additional light diffusion and a uniform cabin appearance
  • Individual or synchronized control of each technology
  • Silent switching with automatic, centralized or individual control from touch panel interface or personal device
  • Block solar light, heat, and UV rays
  • Light weight glazing
  • Integrated electronics

SPD + PDLC ​Dimmable Window Benefits

  • Provides an additional privacy option within the aircraft​
  • Diffused light creates an atmospheric appeal ​
  • Precisely control daylight and glare to reduce eye strain & create a comfortable interior ​
  • Create cooler interiors to reduce HVAC consumption & preserve interiors ​​
  • Flexible control options for user preferences or by crew to contribute to overall experience ​​
  • Low maintenance solution with easy installation and efficient integration

Comfort-Shade ​

Completely customizable, including material, colors, finish, and control options, our high-end shades are available as a motorized or mechanical solution. This product line can be paired with SPD for a combined shading approach. ​ ​​

VS SPD segmented dimmable window

Pleated shade + dimmable windows in Commercial aviation

Motorized shade business aviation

Motorized shade for three windows in Business aviation

Comfort-Shade Features

  • Several highly customizable configurations: roller, pleated, sheer and/or blackout screen​ with unique colors, materials, and finishes
  • Personalized casing​
  • Single or double screen units ​​
  • Quick, silent and fluid motion​
  • Full black-out without light leakage​
  • Synchronized system for multi window units ​​
  • High quality finishes​​
  • Can be paired with SPD dimmable windows

Comfort-Shade Benefits

  • A range of options to meet brand or customer aesthetic preferences ​​
  • Multiple configurations meet OEM or customers’ requirements ​​
  • Easy to control for passengers and crew​​
  • Create a completely dark space​ to meet needs​
  • Maintain a high end finish that exudes luxury​
  • Combined shades with dimmable windows creates a total solution and marries both traditional and tech-savvy customer tastes

All aeronautic window frames can be upgraded to include mood lighting for enhanced cabin ambiance based on passenger preference or time of day.

Mood lighting and shading can be controlled independently or simultaneously by users at their seat or by crew through a centralized cabin management system.

Tripleshade smartwindows notouch

Transparent displays

Using smart glass technology paired with either projection or transparent OLED (TOLED), cabin partitions can instantly become a smart display switching between various states.

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