Gauzy develops, manufactures, and distributes a diverse range of smart glass technologies tailored for architectural applications

Partnering with glass fabricators and glass and window film installers, we meet the evolving demands of architects and designers for safe, sustainable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing building solutions.​
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Elevate architectural aesthetics with sleek and modern smart glass solutions, enhancing the visual appeal of any space, optimizing footprint.

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Reduce energy consumption and enhance sustainability with smart glass solutions that optimize natural light and thermal efficiency.

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Healthier indoor environment by optimizing natural light and privacy control with smart glass technology, providing more connection to the outdoors.​

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Instantly shift the atmosphere of spaces with dynamic shading and privacy options, promoting versatility and flexibility in architectural design.​

Gauzy PDLC Smart Glass

Benefits of LCG® Smart Glass with PDLC technology:

  • on, off, or anywhere in between in milliseconds
  • privacy or an open atmosphere instantly
  • rear projection screen or whiteboard use when opaque
  • temperature control through exterior windows with Solar Control LCG® films
  • allow light to flow between spaces for greater wellbeing and energy optimization
  • easily connected to Lutron or other automation and lighting control systems

Gauzy SPD Smart Glass

Benefits of LCG® Smart Glass with SPD technology:

  • dim or tint glass to the perfect shading level
  • switches in milliseconds unlike electrochromic glass
  • blocks glare without blocking views for greater connection to surroundings
  • easily connected to Lutron or other automation and lighting control systems
  • available in architectural widths and custom shapes and sizes
  • shading directly in architectural or automotive glazing

Gauzy works directly with leading architects, designers, partition companies and a worldwide team of fulfilment partners.​

Architectual Markets We Serve ​ with Smart Glass Products ​

Dynamic smart glass partitions for agile work spaces and office layouts, fostering collaboration and privacy.

Preserve private moments in a sterile environment, ensuring patient comfort and confidentiality.

Optimize space with high-tech designs that guests will talk about, enhancing the guest experience and modern appeal.

Use storefronts to communicate with clients without blocking merchandise, creating engaging displays and promoting products effectively.

Make homes even smarter with LCG® smart glass, enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, and modern aesthetics.

Gauzy is a Certified AIA CES Provider (404109596), proudly offering an enriching course on Smart Glass technologies.​

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