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SafetySide, our AI-enhanced Blind Spot Information System, elevates the intelligence of our award-winning CMS, Smart-Vision. Utilizing advanced image analysis, SafetySide detects a broader area than standard systems, coupled with collision-risk detection and real-time alerts driven by predictive algorithms to prevent accidents.

With audible warnings and visual pictograms, SafetySide notifies bus, truck, and coach drivers of vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as cyclists as mandated by UN-R151. Exceeding regulation, SafetySide also identifies pedestrians, micromobility devices and other vehicles. This critical information is instantly relayed through our CMS display for immediate, life-saving intervention and can also be streamed to DVR for further analysis.

New Safety Tech SafetySide

SafetySide module integrated in Smart-Vision wing

Safety Tech collision avoidance system alert

Real-time visual alerts on Smart-Vision screen

 SafetySide Features

  • Advanced Real-time Image Analysis and Motion Detection: Detects movements and analyzes images swiftly and accurately, even at varying speeds and positions.
  • Seamless Installation: Requires only one additional camera per side, seamlessly integrating into existing covers, minimizing setup time and effort.
  • Driver-Friendly Notifications: Receive alerts promptly for detection, collision, failure, and deactivation, ensuring drivers stay informed and prepared.
  • Integrated Alert System: Notifications are seamlessly displayed or delivered directly on CMS displays or a dedicated interface, enabling immediate action and response. 
  • Effortless Data Sharing: Stream images, videos, and metadata effortlessly to CCTV DVR systems, facilitating smooth and efficient information exchange.

 SafetySide Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety Across All Conditions: Enjoy clear detection in diverse light and weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted vigilance and significantly reducing accident risks.
  • Rapid Accident Avoidance: Instant alerts allow for immediate response, facilitating swift accident avoidance and minimizing potential damage to vehicles and property.
  • Expanded Awareness: Eliminate blind spots with an extended detection area, boosting overall safety and driver confidence on the road.
  • Reliable Detection of Vulnerable Users: Accurately detect various types of vulnerable road users in different scenarios, proactively protecting them and reducing collision risks.
  • Simplified Information Display: Consolidate all relevant information onto a single monitor, eliminating the need for additional screens and enhancing efficiency during driving.
  • Intuitive Response Mechanism: Easy-to-understand pictograms ensure quick reaction times, enabling drivers to respond effectively to alerts without confusion or delay.

Extending beyond UN regulations (BSIS and MOIS), SafetySide provides an extra wide lateral detection area, alerting drivers to VRU's traveling up to 20km/h in real time with precision and reliability 

Easy Retrofit

SafetySide is available as original equipment or for retrofit to existing fleets, seamlessly integrating with already installed Smart-Vision wings and monitors. With one additional camera, all vital information captured by SafetySide appears on familiar Smart-Vision screens, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting routines.​

Certified Safety

SafetySide is R151 homologated. Combined with its camera monitor system, Smart Vision, Safety Tech obtained IATF, R10, R46, R118, ISO 26262, ISO 16505, and ISO16750 homologations and certifications.



SafetySide has cleared UTAC tests with success and is readily approved upon request by any manufacturer, showcasing its adherence to the industry’s most stringent standards.



SafetySide is R46 homologated, reflecting Safety Tech’s steadfast commitment to meeting rigorous international benchmarks for vehicle safety.​

ISO 26262

Since 2017, Smart Vision, has been ISO 26262 certified, ensuring compliance with standards that guarantee the functional safety of electrical/electronic systems in automotive vehicles.​


ISO 21434

Dedicated to ensuring the safety of our products in every aspect, Safety Tech has been awarded the ISO 21434 certification, affirming cybersecurity throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Make your CMS smarter by integrating SafetySide into your Smart-Vision solution for a comprehensive product without component redundancy

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