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safety tech savety door

Create a safe driver environment for city bus operators with our fully customizable pneumatic bus driver protection doors designed to resist passenger aggression and protect drivers in threatening situations but also facilitate communication thanks to its movable window.

With nearly 25 years of experience in driver protection doors for coach and bus drivers, Gauzy’s Safety Tech driver protections doors, Savety-Door, are in more than 10,000 city buses, chosen by OEMs to offer cities the best protection for their workers while being customized to meet the need of drivers.

Driver Protection Door Features

  • fully customizable including color, trim, window shape & size, control method ​
  • Pneumatic window lift mechanism supporting 80kg while rolling up
  • Electromagnetic lock with integrated door closing sensor
  • Robust yet light composite structure ​
  • Durable design with efficient components ​

Driver Protection Door Benefits

  • Designed to meet OEMs and operator branding
  • Easy interface with passengers while providing protection​ ​
  • Smooth and silent door closing ​ ​
  • Long lasting with at least 200,000 cycles tested and guaranteed ​ ​
  • Low maintance costs with easy access for continued operation with less than 10% downtime
  • Window up within 5 seconds

Driver protection doors are available to OEMs to offer as original equipment or for retrofit to existing fleets. Learn more about integrating bus driver protection doors today with Gauzy's Safety Tech support every step of the way.

Movable Window

Safety-Door’s retractable window facilitates communication, swiftly controlled by the driver if needed. With an 80 kg pressure capacity, it ensures smooth operation and enhances onboard safety when raised during sensitive routes or situations. ​

safety tech bus savety door

Pneumatic window control​

safety tech bus savety door

Optional Passenger/Driver exchange window ​

Fully customizable

Savety-Door can be tailored to seamlessly blend with a vehicles design and a fleets branding, while prioritizing driver satisfaction. Aesthetics such as logo, color, and finish are all customizable, along with functional requests for drivers needs such has bottle holders, coat & bag hooks, and other comfort features. Start designing your Savety-Door today! ​

OEMs with our Driver Protection Doors

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