BMW reveals I VISION Dee at CES 2023 Keynote featuring collaboration with Gauzy, world leader in smart glass technology

BMW CES Las Vegas

Experience the future of autonomy. A revolutionary design by BMW, the BMW iVISION Dee revealed at CES 2023 exudes tech-forward prowess and ultra-modern design while prioritizing safety, comfort, and experience with the support of Gauzy’s LCG® Smart Glass Technologies. BMW’s implementation of Gauzy’s technology makes this the first vehicle to showcase the full extent that smart glass can be utilized in a passenger vehicle for shading, privacy, and transparent displays.

The first-of-its-kind concept vehicle by BMW features Gauzy’s PDLC and SPD smart glass technologies throughout the entire greenhouse glazing, harnessing an unprecedented design and experience. When LCG® smart glass is off throughout the vehicle in virtual driving modes, the BMW i VISION Dee instantly morphs into an encapsulated vessel, creating a travel experience that is private, light controlled, and immersive as windows turn into digital displays. Shifting back to transparent in seconds allows full visibility for safe on-demand manual navigation, enjoyment of views, and the high contrast functional BMW Head-up-Display from A-pillar to A-pillar.

The segmented SPD-LCG® smart glass windshield can set up a high contrast canvas for a first-of-its-kind Head-up-Display developed by BMW. When SPD segments or the entire windshield is off, the multi-tech Head-up-Display provides wide viewing angles for a virtual image enjoyed by all passengers, marking the first time this has ever been shown in a vehicle. The windshield is independently powered by a control system specially designed by Gauzy, featuring a redundant fail-safe system that maintains power to the glass during an emergency, allowing the driver to always navigate the car safely in manual mode to a secure location. All Side windows are equipped with dual PDLC and SPD segmented technologies that can be individually controlled, supporting dynamic privacy, shading, ambiance management, and displays that can be visible from the interior or exterior of the car when paired with projectors. Displays showcased from the exterior include personalized welcome messages for passengers, and from the interior, infotainment for an engaging ride. The BMW i VISION Dee’s backlight features unsegmented SPD, contributing to an encapsulated interior ambience when all glazing is off.

Gauzy provided BMW with a full system solution, including all smart glass and control elements. This ultimate digital driving machine redefines what’s possible from a vehicle using LCG®, and highlights the leading performance of BMW in the automotive industry. This is the third collaboration between BMW and Gauzy following the BMW i Vision Circular Showcar revealed at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.


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