Hamilton Global Opportunities plc (ALHGO.PA) announces investment in the Israeli company Gauzy, world leader in smart glass and ADAS technologies

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Hamilton Global Opportunities plc (ALHGO – GB00BMDXQ672) announces that it has successfully completed an initial investment of US$2 million in Israeli company Gauzy, a world leader in smart glass and ADAS technologies.

Gauzy has unique expertise in smart glass technologies, including polymer dispersed liquid crystals and microscopic light absorbing particles. Dedicated to different uses, depending on whether the glass is in contact with the outside or not, and according to the end customers’ uses, these nanotechnologies are included within a transparent film positioned between two layers of glass or applied directly to the glass.

Applied to transparent or semi-transparent raw materials such as glass and polycarbonate, these nanotechnologies offer very concrete advantages, such as the possibility of controlling luminosity, through solutions for modulating transparency, opacity and translucency, but also of managing temperature to reduce energy costs. As a result, they benefit from a very strong demand from companies and players in the construction, automotive, and aeronautics industries enhancing sustainability, safety, comfort, and wellbeing. Gauzy is positioned on an important part of the value chain, mastering the upstream stages of research and development up to design, production, and final delivery.

Award winning ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) products are a core offering of the company, and include next generation camera based smart mirrors, motion sensors, and optimized safety gates, for improved on road visibility, blind spot management, eye strain reduction, and protection for public operators.

In order to support its strong development dynamics, and in line with its strategy focused on technology companies with strong potential for profitable and responsible growth, Hamilton Global Opportunities has decided to complete an initial investment of US$2 million in Gauzy’s Series D funding round.

Gustavo Perrotta, Founder and CEO of Hamilton Global Opportunities, said: “We are very proud to support Gauzy, whose innovations in nanotechnology applied to glass are revolutionising everyday life, in particular the possibility of modulating the transparency of windows and optimising indoor temperature to reduce the environmental costs of buildings. This company profile corresponds perfectly to our investment policy based on high-potential and responsible innovation, which is why we will continue to develop our investment policy in favour of players of this caliber in order to allow our shareholders to benefit from this type of opportunity, which has been sourced through our extensive network.”

About Gauzy:

Gauzy Ltd. is a world leading material science company, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of vision and light control technologies that support safe, sustainable, comfortable, and agile user experiences across various industries. For more information, please visitgauzy.com

About Hamilton Global Opportunities:

Hamilton Global Opportunities PLC (“HGO”) is an investment company listed on the Euronext Growth Market in Paris (ALHGO) focusing on investments in Tech, Fintech and MedTech principally in the United States and Israel. The HGO management team has significant relevant experience in structuring direct investments in the areas above mentioned. For more information, please visit: hamiltongo.eu

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