Hyundai Motor Group hosts 2020 Open Innovation Lounge featuring Gauzy

Publisher :Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group organized the 2020 Open Innovation Lounge exhibition at its headquarters in Seoul on Nov. 16-17, featuring inventive new technologies and solutions spawned through joint collaboration between Hyundai’s staff members and engineers and those of startups from around the world.

The two-day event showcased unique innovations to be potentially incorporated into future vehicles following evaluation of their commercial feasibility by Hyundai. Out of the 300 startups, 11 from around the world were chosen through evaluation of their solutions based on the criteria of customer needs and wants, technological feasibility and technological uniqueness. 

At the exhibition, the 11 startups showcased solutions in the three categories of vehicle entertainment, vehicle convenience and vehicle safety and hygiene. Gauzy was proud to feature in the vehicle convenience category of the event, where our LCG® Smart Glass was used to control the transparency of vehicle glass components, enabling drivers to offer different shades subject to the their needs.

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