Manko to Fabricate Gauzy LCG® Glass

Publisher :Manko

Manko Window Systems, Inc. and Gauzy Ltd. today announced Manko becoming a Gauzy Certified Partner, enabling them to fabricate LCG(R) Smart Glass.

Manko is currently working exclusively with Gauzy’s Liquid Crystal films. LCG(R) (light control glass), also known as smart glass, switchable glass, or privacy glass, is dynamic, allowing a traditionally static material to become alive and multifunctional. Active glass technology PDLC film is manufactured by Gauzy. This film is supplied to Manko, who laminates it to create LCG(R). PDLC allows for the control of various forms of light including visible light, UV, and IR. With electricity, the film turns from clear to opaque for privacy, displays that become transparent, and temperature control.

Gauzy Smart Glass in Manko offices

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