Transparent OLED solutions that will disrupt global railway market unveiled at InnoTrans 2022!

Publisher: LG Display Newsroom

Innotrans transparent OLED news

LG Display, the world’s only Transparent OLED manufacturer, is boasting excellent utilization of its products in diverse fields from architecture to lifestyle and even media art. Transparent OLED, which encases millions of pixels that shine on their own inside material transparent enough to replace ordinary glass, has infinite potential in the mobility industry. To spread the word across the world beyond Asia about supplying its Transparent OLEDs to several subway systems in major Chinese cities and the East Japan Railway Company since 2020, LG Display participated in InnoTrans 2022, a global railway industry fair held from Sept. 20 to 23.

Held in Berlin, Germany, InnoTrans is the world’s largest railway technology exhibit that showcases technologies and equipment related to the railway industry. More than 3,000 companies from 61 countries participated this year. LG Display, which first unveiled Transparent OLED for railways in Europe at the 2021 International Mobility Show (IAA 2021) held in Munich, Germany in September, unveiled more advanced Transparent OLED solutions for railways through this InnoTrans event to catch the attention of European railway industry officials. Take a look at LG Display’s InnoTrans exhibition booth that presents a new customer experience!

From the moment you enter the LG Display booth it feels like a small train station. LG Display, along with LG Electronics, has a booth that reproduces both a ticket office and the inside of a train. Both of the locations have a large number of Transparent OLEDs to clearly show all the ways they can replace ordinary glass. First, 55-inch Transparent OLEDs for windows and 30-inch Transparent OLEDs for doors display a wide range of content, including driving information, transfer information, weather, and news, at the same time. As OLED panels have excellent visibility, they can maximize the effects of advertising, and they can also support augmented reality (AR) functions to provide new experiences that have never been seen before.

As they are used on trains with a lot of vibration and dust, Transparent OLED for railways boast strong durability. In collaboration with global industrial glass manufacturing companies such as Asahi Glass (AGC) and Gauzy, this solution includes special tempered glass so you can use it without worrying about impact and vibration.

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