Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024

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Gauzy Aeronautics (formerly Vision Systems) is excited to showcase cutting-edge products designed to meet the diverse needs of airlines at Aircraft Interiors Expo!
With a commitment to versatility, Gauzy’s offerings, for both new builds and retrofit projects, are compatible with a wide range of aircraft types and classes, including narrow-body and wide-body configurations, across short and long-haul flights.

  • LCG® Dimmable Glass Windows: both smart glass technologies SPD (suspended particle device) and PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) will be shown in various configurations that allow precise control of light through centralized systems or at a passenger seat
  • Mechanical Shades: award-winning pleated and roller shades with stylish designs and customizable finishes stand-alone, or in combination with smart glass and mood lighting are ideal for traditional cabin interiors that match brand requirements
  • Transparent Displays: utilizing transparent OLED technology, windows and dividers transform into dynamic transparent displays, offering enhanced modularity in the cabin environment.

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