CES 2020, Las Vegas

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Smart mobility and smart city technology stole CES this year, and Gauzy was at the epicenter of it, displaying different LCG® applications that support the fundamental pillars of these movements:
  • Our first serial grade panoramic SPD sunroof in collaboration with Sekisui for OEMs and Tier-1 partners, which leads to savings in energy consumption on the road
  • Vizio LCG® paired with motion-sensor-activated HD projection (provided by Optoma) for connected messaging and 100% utilization of windows
  • A dual-glaze, ultra-thin automotive window with SPD and PDLC for solar control and front/rear projection, allowing windows to control light while acting as a communication surface for critical messages
  • Laser patterned LCG® showing segmenting capabilities that make glass more customizable than ever

Watch Gauzy’s CES highlights now!


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