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Gauzy is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of smart glass technology, the go-to choice for architects and interior designers in Dublin. Our electric glass uses the latest smart glass technology to change glass from transparent to opaque and back again on demand, making it ideal for privacy, shading, and solar control. While Dublin is a relatively “low” city without an abundance of skyscrapers, it still contains many impressive buildings with glass exteriors and interiors, making it a city that can benefit from the many advantages of smart glass.

Known for its hospitality and therefore a popular tourist destination, Dublin is situated at the head of a beautiful bay, straddling the River Liffey and ringed by the Dublin and Wicklow mountains. Interior designers and architects are quickly discovering the best way to enjoy the gorgeous views from residences and offices is to install smart glass, which offers both open views and privacy at the click of a button, while offering significant savings on energy costs. 

Gauzy operates throughout the entire country, fulfilling orders with support from a network of local partners and providing regional sales representatives for efficient and localized customer support.

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Dublin Smart Glass


Dublin Smart Glass

Smart Glass by Industry

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Dynamic smart glass partitions for agile work spaces and office layouts

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Preserve private moments in a sterile environment 

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Optimize space with a high-tech designs that guests will talk about

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Use storefronts to communicate with clients without blocking merchandise 

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Make homes even smarter with LCG® smart glass 

LCG® Smart Glass Film Types

Gauzy manufactures two different kinds of films: one for lamination and one for retrofitting onto existing glass. PDLC technology is available as as a laminated smart glass or adhesive smart film. SPD technology is available as laminated smart glass.

Laminated Smart Glass

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