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Gauzy is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of Smart Glass, making it the go-to choice for architects and interior designers in Bogota. Our technology allows glass to change from transparent to opaque on demand, making it ideal for privacy, shading, and solar control. Well-suited for Mexico City’s subtropical climate, Smart Glass is also the perfect architectural material for one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world.

At an altitude of 7350 s.f., Mexico City boasts a lot of sunshine. Its Historic Center is home to some of the world’s most exciting buildings, including the glass-clad Earthscraper, which, due to height regulations, is an inverted pyramid with a central void to give all interior spaces access to natural light and ventilation. The top of the building is covered with a glass floor, to accommodate concerts and other activities on the famed Zocalo at ground level. Without a doubt, designers, architects and builders will welcome other creative and practical uses for smart glass, especially glass developed by Gauzy, the only company in the world working with both SPD and Liquid Crystal Technology.

Gauzy operates throughout the entire country, fulfilling orders with support from a network of local partners and providing regional sales representatives for efficient and localized customer support.

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Ciudad de México Vidrio Inteligente


Ciudad de México Vidrio Inteligente

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Gauzy manufactures two different kinds of films: one for lamination and one for retrofitting onto existing glass. PDLC technology is available as as a laminated smart glass or adhesive smart film. SPD technology is avai