6 Ways to Use Smart Glass Windows for Retail Advertising

6 Ways to Use Smart Glass Windows for Retail Advertising

Attracting today’s sophisticated shoppers, while effectively marketing your retail brand with a competitive edge is challenging. Digital advertising has taken over the internet, and traditional brick and mortar stores are also looking for a way to transform their space, giving consumers a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment they consider a store window to when they walk in and purchase an item. 

LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass), also referred to as “smart glass”, allows retailers to transform storefronts into a transparent display, increasing brand awareness, walk-ins, and sales. With LCG®, glass switches from opaque to transparent in milliseconds. When opaque, the glass acts as an HD projection screen for engaging and dynamic advertisements. When transparent, shoppers can look into the store with an unobstructed view, resulting in 100% utilization of glass windows.

1. From a regular glass window to an HD projection screen

Instantly transform your storefront window into a multipurpose, HD projection screen that allows you to program or live stream customized images, videos, and text to interact with shoppers. Additionally, smart glass is dimmable – when half transparent, you’re able to create subtle ethereal messages that float on the glass surface without obstructing viewers’ eye candy: your merchandise. Switchable glass means dynamic messages are constantly being communicated but never compromising what you want center stage.

2. Minimize efforts and optimize returns

Imagine a world where you have ads that are constantly and automatically changing, and you can eliminate the headaches associated with old fashioned window stickers: peeling, fading, production turnaround times, and manpower – all to modify a simple “Sale” sign. Ads displayed via projection, using dynamic smart glass, upgrades your in-store marketing by displaying high-definition images and videos with 180° viewing angles. With distortion-free projection imaging, share lucid messages on smart glass windows, captivating customers from all viewpoints – from exterior windows to in-store freestanding displays and at cash registers.

3. A privacy glass window for discretion and new product reveals

Want to redesign your storefront window without losing use of this valuable space? Changing storefront displays usually involves draping a black sheet over the window, or simply having an employee make changes while shoppers are passing by. With a storefront made of privacy glass, you can quickly switch the surface from transparent to opaque for full privacy while redecorating. When opaque, project dynamic videos, polite advertisements, or invite customers to come back at a certain time to see what is being revealed.

4.    Customized ads for existing storefront windows

Interested in advertising with smart glass windows or smart glass wall partitions, but not so interested in replacing your existing glass wall partitions or windows?  Try Gauzy technology on for size with LCG® RetroFit film – a smart window film cut to any shape or size, applied onto existing glass wall partitions with a simple wet adhesive. The smart window film offers all the unique features of laminated LCG® without replacing or installing new smart glass windows. Gauzy’s RetroFit film is developed in collaboration with Avery Dennison, a market leader in adhesives for retail uses.

5.    Fitting room partitions with intelligent glass solutions

Fitting room curtains don’t engage shoppers, rather, attract germs and bacteria. Eliminate hygiene concerns and cleaning costs associated with curtains by using switchable privacy glass. Easy to clean with an elegant and sleek look, glass wall partitions for fitting rooms indicate room availability when transparent, switching to opaque as customers step inside. Reinforce ads and messaging while engaging shoppers with rear projection onto fitting room glass partitions.

6.    Flaunt your products with security and privacy

Looking to show your merchandise in your storefront window after hours without jeopardizing store security? Set smart glass windows to opaque, and use as a projection screen to show images of your favorite pieces with built-in window projection film. Switchable privacy glass’ flexibility and multipurpose functions offer the ideal security measure for inventory protection, while window projection film offers the freedom to use your storefront window as a live and interactive advertising screen well beyond store hours

Intelligent glass supports endless opportunities for polite and targeted advertising, increased security and inventory retention, offering innovative and practical functions. From switchable glass and projection screens to dimmable glass windows, privacy glass and more. With the touch of a button, or automatically synchronized transitions, smart glass transforms idle glass into a dynamic medium that aesthetically upstages promos, sales and coveted merchandise.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a technical document. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to consult with your smart glass representative for the most current and final details regarding the benefits, services, and performance of our products

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