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Gauzy is excited to announce the signing of our new certified partner Aikolon. Based in Finland, Aikolon specializes in the lamination of plastics to suit a range of industries including forest and farming vehicles, luxury yachts and ice hockey rinks, sound barriers and many more.

In partnership with Gauzy, Aikolon is launching its smart technology plastics lamination as Aikon, setting a new standard for advanced materials for demanding industrial applications requiring durable and lightweight materials to fulfill their purpose. Enhancing the function of traditional materials, Aikon provides smart shading solutions for a wide range of applications key to making your business future-proof with sustainable glazing solutions while precisely controlling light and ambiance.

As a Gauzy Certified Partner, Aikolon undergoes an extensive training and certification process onsite at their factory. Combined knowhow of Aikolon and Gauzy, paired with quality assurance tools such as Gauzy’s patented ATE system, ensures fabrication of premium LCG® laminated smart plastics for end customers. Aikolon joins an exclusive network of Gauzy partners consisting of over 70 fabricators serving diverse industries in 40 countries worldwide.

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