Vision Systems, A Gauzy Company, Presenting Innovative Solutions for Shading & Ambiance Lighting at Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit

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Pleated shades SPD Cabin Innovation summit

Cabin Innovation Summit

Vision Systems, a Gauzy Company, a market leading provider of shading and cabin ambiance solutions for the aviation industry, is proud to announce its participation at the RedCabin Aircraft Innovation Summit, world renowned for stimulating and driving new ideas that help shape the next generation of air travel.

With a commitment to take passenger wellbeing ever further, Vision Systems will highlight its complete solutions dedicated to airlines combining high-end shades and dimmable windows, that provide a unique passenger experience and airline brand differentiation.

The company has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation in the matter of natural light control and personalized experiences, with its cutting-edge shading solutions and ambiance management systems, already selected by designers for business aviation and by premium airlines. Based on its 20 year’s experience in shading systems and on its expertise in smart technologies, electronics, mechanics and composite, Vision Systems has developed a specific offer that meets airlines expectations in terms of passenger comfort and ease of installation and maintenance.

Vision Systems will present its commercial aviation product range including:

  • Harmony shading solution, roller shade + dimmable window, providing perfect homogeneity for a sleek interior. This product will be showcased with a transparent touch panel.
  • Cozy shading solution, pleated shade + dimmable window, offering an elegant style for a warm cocoon atmosphere.
  • Smart shading system SPD dimmable windows, segmented or not, a modern stylish solution to control natural light.

These roller and pleated shades are also available in Dual version (translucent + opaque fabrics), and additional mood lighting can be integrated to enhance the personalization of passenger space.

By understanding the specific needs of their partners, Vision Systems ensures that every product integrates seamlessly into the aircraft’s interior design while meeting industry standards for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Vision Systems’ dedication to excellence and innovation has been recognized with several prestigious awards throughout the years. The company’s solutions have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, setting new benchmarks for passenger experience and aircraft interiors.


About Vision Systems, a Gauzy Company: Vision Systems, a Gauzy Company, is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and integration of innovative solutions for the aviation industry. With a focus on enhancing passenger experience, Vision Systems offers cutting-edge smart glazing and shading solutions that revolutionize cabin ambiance. With a collaborative approach, the company works closely with designers, engineers and OEMs to provide a full solution for aircraft interiors. With decades of recognized excellence, Vision Systems continues to set new standards in passenger comfort and innovation.

Sales Contact: Frédéric Jacquemin, Premium Commercial Aviation Business Developer +33 7 61 16 53 96

Press contact: Alexandra Martin-Devaud, Marketing & Communication Director,

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