FAQ: Automotive

Smart Glass can be used throughout cars, from panoramic sunroofs to passenger windows. It can turn on and off for custom vehicle window shading and temperature control. Solar Control PDLC can block up to 86% of IR light, making cars cooler and lowering fuel consumption.

SPD Smart Glass has the potential to block 99% of light, making it perfect for providing custom shading in cars without blocking outside views.

Smart Glass installed in car windows can double as an advertising platform. When film is off and paired with a projector, time and location based content can be shown. Windows can also be made transparent and drive-ready instantly.

Smart Glass manufacturer Gauzy has a specially developed automotive grade controller that integrates directly into the body of the vehicle.

Smart Glass manufacturer Gauzy currently works exclusively with leading OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers. Gauzy intends to offer an aftermarket solution for private vehicles in the near future.

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