LCG® Sample Kit

A portable Smart Glass demonstrator for architects, designers, builders,
and industry professionals

Gauzy’s sample kit allows you to quickly experience and demonstrate how LCG® works in a single compact unit.

It’s stylish and sturdy design makes it suitable for on the go meetings, or a unique item to keep on display in your office



  • Light and portable
  • All mechanics are integrated directly into the base
  • Demonstrates ON and OFF capabilities with a simple push button 
  • USB compatible for easy connection to a portable power bank or laptop 
  • Can be connected to a Lurton or Creston switch to show dimming features 
  • Laminated (LC or SPD) or retrofit (LC) films already embedded into or onto Low Iron glass, and installed into the base

Available in the following options

White PDLC
Laminated or Retrofit

Gray PDLC Laminated or Retrofit


Key Specifications

• Input Power: 5V DC
• Power consumption: 320 m/A
• Weight: 2.3 kg/5 lbs
• Mode: On/Off
• Dimensions: 34 x 7.5 X 28.2 cm (W D H) 

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