FAQ: ControllerS

Gauzy is the only company with a patented square-wave controller that allows for a continuous charge. Typically, Smart Glass technologies manage power using a transformer, which is limited. Transformers need to be turned off for a minimum of four hours per day, and can deteriorate the film over time. On the contrary, Gauzy’s controllers are specially designed to provide the best optical, mechanical performance in the industry.

  • Gauzy’s controllers consume minimal energy
  • Films used with Gauzy’s controllers have more durability over time
  • Films operated with controllers are shown to have better optical performance than those run by transformers

To support the various uses and configurations of Gauzy’s Smart Glass, controllers are available in three different options: Mini, Flex, and MultiPlex. Each type operates a different sqm/sqf range and has different transition functions and number of channel outputs.

Yes, LCG® controllers support Lutron connectivity allowing for Smart Glass to connect to the same system as lighting.

All Gauzy controllers utilize square-wave outputs for high transparency.

Yes! Gauzy’s controllers are WiFi and DMX compatible.

Gauzy controllers can be configured for on, off, diming or shading operations. These configurations are factory settings.

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