Going Home to Gauzy Kitchen

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Going Home to Gauzy Kitchen

Smart Glass offers flexibility and infinite possibilities in the home, starting with the kitchen: 

Transforming a residential unit into an inviting home that offers comfort, convenience, style and makes practical use of space is a challenge for both homeowners and interior designers. LCG®, or smart glass, (also known as switchable glass or privacy glass), effectively maximize and modifies the space and design of your home, while offering limitless possibilities for increased security, privacy and energy consumption.

The kitchen, is indeed an ideal spot to explore the practical applications of LCG® and the touch of elegant innovation that contributes to an advanced home design. With LCG®, your kitchen can maintain top notch energy efficiency and comfort, privacy, security, style, and a sweet setting.

Skylights: Fresh, Natural Light

The kitchen can be a room that heats up relatively quickly with cooking appliances increasing room temperature. For energy efficiency and to reduce overall room temperature, skylights with switchable glass offer a practical solution. Keep glass transparent to keep your kitchen well lit with natural sunlight, and to reduce room temperature, switch skylight glass to opaque and block out sunlight effortlessly with the switch of a button


Smart Refrigerators: Go Greener

Cool air escapes every time you open the refrigerator door and ponder its contents. This makes it work harder to replace the warm air that comes inside. Keep the door open no longer than necessary no embedding or retrofitting switchable smart film into or onto the refrigerator door. 

Switchable glass doors turn transparent whenever you want to see what’s inside and switch back to opaque to hide the refrigerator contents. It helps reduce energy consumption, keep food fresh, and provide an accessible view of your fridge when transparent. Effortlessly turn smart glass refrigerator doors opaque with the switch of a button for it to easily and elegantly blend back into your kitchen design.


Privacy Partitions: Sophisticated Blinds

Privacy glass can switch to opaque or can be dimmed to block out the sun and heat that can penetrate into your kitchen when glass windows or doors are transparent. For an extra touch of innovative style, get Smart Blinds – the ideal instant blind solution, as liquid crystal films are embedded into thin glass windows to create built-in blinds in a variety of shapes. Get the privacy you need with a twist of style, all in one glass pane.  


Spectrum Film: A Rainbow of Design Possibilities

To add an extra splash of ambiance to your kitchen and surrounding space, spice it up with Spectrum film on glass partitions, windows or doors. Available in an assortment of custom shades and hues, Spectrum film can either add a burst of refreshing color that livens up your space, or it can soften the vibe of your surroundings with subtle and relaxing tones.