FAQ: Hotels

Smart Glass is ideal to make hotel spaces open and airy, with instant privacy when needed at the touch of a button. It’s perfect for:

  • bathroom enclosures
  • spas
  • conference areas 
  • as transparent displays in lobby or street facing stores for increased revenue

Smart Glass partitions benefit hotels two-fold: 

  1. Guest bedrooms: Thinner than studded walls, Smart Glass saves precious space where it may be limited in guest rooms.
  2. Common areas: Because Smart Glass partitions are easy to install and move, they allow common areas to be more modular.

In a hotel setting, Smart Glass is an easier-to-clean and maintain alternative than traditional fabric curtains and blinds. Smart Glass is cleaned just like any ordinary glass, with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Yes. Different types of Smart Glass product line including Gauzy’s Solar Control and SPD LCG® allow for heat reflection and dynamic shading. This can make hotels more eco-friendly and save on operating costs.

By integrating Smart Glass into common rooms and private areas, glass instantly has a ‘wow’ effect that leaves guests with something to talk about. In turn, it can lead to better reviews!

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