CES 2024

CES 2024

Welcome to Gauzy’s 2024 CES Booth. We are excited to be showcasing cutting edge innovations in Smart Glass and ADAS technologies, making spaces safer, sustainable and agile.

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SPD & PDLC Helicopter Window

CES SPD PDLC Helicopter Window

The SPD & PDLC Helicopter Window sets a new standard for in-flight experiences. This demonstrative window boasts dual glazed SPD & PDLC technology, seamlessly delivering on three key features: privacy, precise shading with a captivating view, and full blackout when SPD & PDLC are off. The control method, with embedded controls on the frame, ensures effortless and personalized adjustments, empowering passengers to tailor their journey according to their preferences.

Twin Pleated Shade Airplane Window

CES twin pleated airplane window

Introducing a revolutionary dual solution, our Twin Pleated Shade Airplane Window, featured prominently at CES, seamlessly combines Light Control Glass (LCG®) and mechatronic traditional shading within our fully in-house manufactured profiling system. This innovative window offers unparalleled features, including precise shading with a panoramic view, versatile light control through LCG® and traditional shades, and the creation of a uniformly enhanced cabin interior. The automatic loop control method ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience, providing passengers with the utmost convenience and control over their in-flight environment.




The 30” SPD T-OLED opens new possibilities, especially in the mobility industry, bringing integration into various window sizes and head-up displays to unprecedented closeness. Developed in collaboration with TTEC Glass Solutions, known for human-centric design, and expertly fabricated with a leading glass adhesive by Kommerling, a brand of H.B Fuller, this display is a testament to cutting-edge advancements. Immerse yourself in the world of integrated, interactive transparent displays, showcasing the incredible capabilities of advanced glass solutions.


Talgo Train IGUs 

CES railway

Crafted for a special project in collaboration with the renowned Spanish train OEM Talgo, these Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) feature Segmented SPD and Segmented PDLC technologies. The integrated touch control system, seamlessly embedded in the frame, adds a layer of convenience to the passenger experience. Compliant with stringent railway standards, these IGUs redefine the benchmarks for technology in rail travel. Gauzy continues to drive progress in transportation, and the Talgo Train IGUs stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in innovation.

Marine or other applications

Segmented SPD on curved glazing

CES curved segmented spd

This demo is a testament to the versatility of SPD technology, featuring 3D curved glass that pushes the boundaries of traditional glass applications. Witness the remarkable thermoforming capabilities of SPD as it seamlessly conforms to extreme 3D curve radii, opening up new possibilities for its use. The demonstration, presented in a continuous loop, highlights the segmented SPD’s on/off/dim functionalities, showcasing its adaptability and innovative design.

ADAS for Long Body on-road vehicles  

Segmented LCG® SPD Smart Glass & Smart Vision Bus Windshield with SafetySide & SafetyFront

CES ADAS Bus Windshield

Gauzy is thrilled to present our groundbreaking ADAS/CMS technology showcased on a bus windshield, designed for buses, coaches, and city trucks, with the next-generation model catering to heavy trucks, including those with trailers. This cutting-edge demo features a Segmented SPD sunvisor, enhancing visibility and control for drivers. Our innovative Camera Monitoring System, Smart-Vision, goes beyond traditional mirrors, employing HD cameras and monitors both inside and outside the vehicle. The system includes SafetySide and SafetyFront functionalities, alerting the driver to the presence of vulnerable road users and potential obstacles, ensuring enhanced safety. Notably, Smart-Vision products are the first of their kind that can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, and are available globally, elevating road safety standards worldwide.

Data Management Systems

CES Data Management Systems

This demo showcases livestream data from Safety Tech’s fleet information software.

Passenger Vehicles

PDLC Sunroof 

CES PDLC sunroof final

Embark on a journey of automotive innovation with our PDLC Sunroof at CES, a collaborative creation by BOS, Hirschler, and Gauzy. This breakthrough features a fully encapsulated thin glass panel with PDLC foil, achieving a remarkable glass thickness of 1.6/1.6 mm. Witness the future of passenger vehicle design with a highly curved glass panel integrated seamlessly with PDLC foil, all achieved without the need for encapsulation tooling changes compared to standard glass technology.

Segmented SPD Sunroof

CES SPD Segmented Sunroof

Experience automotive design evolution with our Segmented SPD Sunroof, a trailblazing innovation set to debut at CES. This revolutionary sunroof boasts a PIN-point connection for seamless current transfer in both open and tilt positions, offering a fully operable mechatronic experience. The Segmented SPD technology shines when the sunroof is closed or tilted, easily controlled through standard sunroof switches. Revel in the benefits of increased headspace by up to 45mm, enhanced Daylight Opening (DLO) by 40mm (Y) to 120mm (X), and the elimination of standard shading systems like Rollo or Shading plate. Join us at CES, where our BOS team members will be present to showcase and explain the remarkable features of this groundbreaking sunroof. 

Side Door

CES sidedoor

Experience a revolutionary exploration in automotive advancements with our Side Door, a collaborative marvel co-developed with BOS. This groundbreaking demonstration seamlessly integrates a power window lifter and shading system into a single module, all operated by a unified drive unit. Pioneering the use of SPD dual panels in a passenger side window, this patented dual window system boasts a fully functioning mechatronic design by BOS. Witness the integrated system in action with LCG® and mechatronics operation buttons cleverly included in the side door. 

BOS PDLC Fabric Sunvisor

Glasstec Event PDLC Fabric Sunvisor jpg

Introducing the revolutionary BOS PDLC Fabric Sunvisor, a groundbreaking innovation as the first-ever PDLC Fabric laminated sunvisor. Integrated with a 48V PCB directly into the frame, this marvel of engineering is controlled effortlessly with a single button on the frame. Cables, streamlined through a single point, facilitate typical sunvisor movement and rotation. The innovative PDLC and 3D Mesh fabric glazing, coupled with a flip-down mirror and high-quality textile optics, redefine sunvisor design. Operating on a 12VDC interface, it ensures ease of use, while the 3D effect enhances haptics with a soft touch. The sunvisor, when switched to transparent, offers a clear view of the traffic ahead, thanks to the textile screen. This design not only replaces traditional solid sunvisors but also provides a wider field of vision while effectively blocking glare from traffic lights, vehicles, and the sun. Experience driving comfort at its finest, where degrees of light and glare blocking adjust with the sunvisor’s angle, meeting the highest standards for safety and visibility.

Volvo XC90 Side Window