UMA Motorcoach Expo 2024

UMA Motorcoach Expo 2024

UMA motorcoach expo

ADAS for motorcoaches

Smart-Vision camera monitor system with SafetySide collision avoidance system

CES ADAS Bus Windshield

Safety Tech, a business unit of Gauzy, is thrilled to present our groundbreaking ADAS/CMS technology showcased on a bus windshield, designed for buses, coaches, and city trucks.. This cutting-edge demo features a Segmented SPD sunvisor, enhancing visibility and control for drivers. Our innovative Camera Monitor System, Smart-Vision, goes beyond traditional mirrors, employing outside HD cameras and inside monitors. The system includes SafetySide functionalities, alerting the driver to the presence of vulnerable road users and potential obstacles, ensuring enhanced safety. Notably, Smart-Vision products are the first of their kind that can be retrofitted to existing vehicles, and are available globally, elevating road safety standards worldwide.

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