FAQ: Offices

Smart Glass can be installed throughout office spaces, including in:

  • personal offices
  • conference rooms
  • corridor facing partitions
  • elevators
  • common areas
  • reception areas and in between desks.

The glass is compatible with aluminum, wood, or metal frames.

Smart Glass is an ideal application for conference and meeting rooms, making glass walls multi-functional. It provides key benefits including:

  • Privacy or openness at the flick of a switch
  • Whiteboard
  • Projection surface

Yes! Smart Glass can be used as a projection surface that’s capable of displaying HD images and video at 180° viewing angles. It also doubles as a whiteboard creating collaborative environments that are easy to clean.

Smart Glass can be controlled using wall-mounted touch panels, motion sensors, remote control, smart office systems or other custom options.

World-leading Smart Glass can be purchased by contacting an OEM directly such as Gauzy. This ensures you receive a product with the latest advancements in nanotechnology. Other older types of Smart Glass may be available through other distribution channels.

Natural light improves productivity and wellbeing. Some employees perform better in open spaces versus closed spaces. Privacy glass allows for the flexibility for openness when desired, or privacy when needed.

PDLC is best for privacy for interior office partitions. Whereas SPD is ideal for facade and external windows to reduce glare but still maintain views, connecting employees from inside to outside (which is a criteria for LEED certification).

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