What if… LCG® technology could control light through custom designs? It can. 

Experience a different privacy solution with patterned PDLC switchable smart glass used to replace privacy blinds – now available for order in rolls. LCG® PDLC films are available with laser patterning for non-visible lines when transparent. Standard straight lines for blinds, or a custom experience with unique shapes, designs, and transitions make office interior design in large commercial projects more dynamic.

Why is it important?

Now, with the growing consciousness of cleanliness, health and safety in public spaces, traditional fabric blinds and curtains are coming under fire. Fabrics are harder to sanitize compared to glass and in turn can contribute to the spread of dangerous pathogens. Gauzy premium Patterned LCG® provides customers with a dynamic and custom blind experience, providing privacy and openness in a dynamic way. Patterned Switchable Glass Blinds and Custom Designs allow for a easier and less costly to maintain privacy solution.

The technology is now available for purchase in premium invisible laser patterned film rolls, shortening lead times and lowering shipping costs compared to cut to fit applications. 

Patterned LCG® is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications – and it’s available to the market right now. How can it be incorporated into your next project?

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