Leading Healthcare Technology Company Installs Patterned Smart Glass

A leading healthcare technology company sought a bespoke, cutting edge design for their Executive Briefing Center, an innovative space where the company demos new tech to its clients. But for this, it needed a standout architectural feature that would enhance the space and leave a lasting impression on clients for weeks to come. Gauzy’s Patterned LCG ® Smart Glass was the answer.

Situated on the second level of the company’s corporate headquarters up a sweeping staircase with ambient lighting, the floor-to-ceiling glass wall of the Executive Briefing Center faces a naturally lit atrium with views of a geometric modern abstract hanging sculpture.

Staying true to the design and minimal aesthetic, Gauzy LCG® Patterned Smart Glass was installed on nine panels of full-framed glass partitions with no visible wiring. Specially created for the client with the most advanced laser patterning in the market; the glass changes from fully transparent or opaque to dynamic shifting patterns.

Gauzy LCG® Smart Glass not only enhances the design of the Executive Briefing Center, but adds function. On demand opacity and transparency allows for both full privacy during presentations and unobstructed views of the outside space and natural light. Fabricated with an air gap, the glass also promotes sound isolation for an added level of privacy.

Controlled by a wall mounted touch panel, the space instantly transforms from a private meeting room to a naturally lit open workspace or a technologically-advanced and engaging piece of art with dynamic patterns – all within a matter of milliseconds.

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