Thor Electric Camper Van Fitted with Gauzy Smart Glass Windows

Thor’s all electric RV features Gauzy’s smart glass throughout creating a truly state of the art concept vehicle. Gauzy’s dry white retrofit film is applied with adhesive to the windows, with all visible wiring completely sealed within the busbar. These smart windows create a customizable and comfortable living space, allowing passengers the flexibility for a private environment when desired, or an open atmosphere to enjoy unobstructed views of scenery while driving or camping. There’s no need for traditional window shades or shutters, which are often obtrusive in such a compact space and difficult to clean and maintain. Controlled via a touch screen command center or via integration through Alexa and other smart devices, Gauzy’s smart glass is a valuable addition to any camper van, providing an enjoyable and efficient living experience on the road. You can see the smart windows in action in the video at the 01:50 mark.

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