FAQ: Residential

PDLC Smart Glass is ideal for:

  • Bathroom enclosures
  • Home offices
  • Open concept lofts
  • Microspaces
  • At-home entertainment areas. 

Outdoor grade SPD Smart Glass is perfect for:

  • Skylights.
  • View-facing exterior windows.

Smart Glass films have the potential to turn from fully clear to fully opaque in less than 0.1 seconds. The same applies for switching the other way, from opaque to clear.

Clean the windows like you would regular glass windows. You can use a standard soft cloth and glass cleaner on Smart Glass windows. 

Premium PDLC and SPD Smart Glass can be powered using a controller, which connects to a switch on your wall or a home automation system.

Smart Glass is fully compatible with home automation systems, allowing residents to dim their glass windows just like their lighting.

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